Month: April 2011


Questions-qUESTIONS 1)ACYUT 2 is the 2nd Humanoid Robot built by- 2) Asia’s largest residential layout- 3) The legendary investor known as ‘Oracle of Omaha’- 4) The aging Hubble Space Telescope is to be replaced by- 5) Kyrgyzstan President’s official residence is known as – 6) The world’s largest ship breaking yard- 7) What is common to Calvin Coolidge, Chester. A. Arthur and Barack Obama      – 8) Western Ocean is the ancient name of – 9) India’s youngest ever chief minister of a state- 10) The country named after a tree- Answers: 1.BITS,Pilani 2.Jaynagar,Bangaluru 3.Warren Buffett 4. The James webb Space telescope 5.White House 6. Brazil 7. American Presidents who took the oath twice 8.Atlantic Ocean 9.Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. 10.Brazil...

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Gadget review

It all began with the launch of Apple ipad which took the world by storm. Following Apple hotly, last year the Samsung galaxy tab and Blackberry Playbook has grabbed a few eyeballs. The recently concluded Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas unveiled a range of new tablets. Now Motorola has jumped into the fray with its newest beauty “Xoom”. It won the “Best of Show” award in CES 2011. The first thing that strikes the eye is it’s large 10.1 inch WXGA (1280×800 pixels;150 pixels/inch),HD (720p) compatible screen. This means that you can watch your favourite movies or play your videos inhd quality. Another...

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Heritage of the Assam

The faces of any land chances with respect to time when the bases are roofed by sentences of generation as well as influences of more developed countries. Same is in the case of the state Assam. The land has got lots of comments both bad and good across the country. So the graph has both downfall and rise. No matter what people have said before or what people say now the Assamese people spread all over the India and overseas as well, for knowledge, business, settlement and job. The picture and beauty of the Assam can be vividly envisioned when we walk back to past when pollution was less, and let me make it clear that I am not talking about air pollution. The land with its forest, mountains, rivers and cities is located in the north-east of India with an area of 78,438 The land experiences heavy rainfall and humidity with cool monsoons which rehabilitates peace and harmony to the land and its people of course. Now I have shortage of words to express the beauty of the land but The Kaziranga, the Manas, the river Brahmaputra are some heritages of Assam that speak its own beauty in such a generosity  that it causes no difficulty to continue. The secret of the never ending beauty not only includes the natural resources but the credit also goes to...

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Economy, Energy and Environment

Necessity, who is the mother of invention[1] A quote that actually unravels the truth behind every hasty invention. The very dire need to survive and breathe every lively breath of life. ECONOMY-ENERGY-ENVIRONMENT are the three children whose nurturing has to be done well to yield BOON else one yields a BANE. Such is the present scenario of mankind which is now in a jinx caused by its own callous outlook. The emission of carbon dioxide has caused enough chaos that the aftermath is just a step away to witness! The 15th UNITED NATIONS CLIMATE CHANGE CONFERENCE at COPENHAGEN was just another multi nation starrer movie where presidents and delegates from various nations battled their tongues in an act to find which nation has the best tongue–flickerer!!. Celebrities shedding clothes, scientists wobbling words ,companies running out of cars to manufacture and yet they manage to manufacture 1200 limos and 140 planes- all for a “summit to save world”!!!. The output of this highly elevated conference was the failure of UNFCCC[2] to make the KYOTO PROTOCOL a success when the developed economies eloped with the “polluter pays principle” and the developing economies deteriorate to new heights of “Rags dreaming of Riches”. Instead of saving the left over tropical greeneries the Indian government in search of DYNAMIC development has introduced a rather STATIC “Green India Mission “ announced under one of the...

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Thousand miles, whenever I hear this name the first thing comes to my mind is a journey, a journey of thoughts, a journey of creativity and a journey of changing life. But my personal thought about thousand miles is that it`s a feat and a conquest which is thousand miles away from us. Thousand Miles is an e-magazine which will publish in our website within every three months. Today Thousand Miles became a reality from a beautiful dream and due to the hard work and dedication of our team and the man behind the thousand miles, the captain of...

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