Month: December 2011

Miss You

    i miss you when i scream loud, and there is no one to hear.. i miss you when i cry whole night, and there is no one to wipe my tears… i miss you when i blabber like a fool, and there is no one to appreciate i miss you when i cross the road and there is no one to hold my hand i miss u when everything around me is going wrong…. and there is no one to say “its all right ” n keep things cool…   i miss your hie’s, i miss your...

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TechYard (Christmas Special!)

Aakash Tablet When Kapil Sibal first unveiled the prototype of the world’s cheapest tablet-PC,not many were ready to give credence to the fact. However, as it turns out, after the formal launch on 5th October, 2011 the tablet has had about 3 lakh pre-launch bookings for its commercial version, dubbed as UbiSlate 7,which will go on sale sometime at the fag-end of January,2012. The device was  jointly developed by the London-based company DataWind with the Indian Institute of Technology Rajasthan and manufactured by the India-based company Quad, at a new production centre in Hyderabad — under a trial run of 100,000 units. The initial release included the...

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