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Editorial (New Year Issue)

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Hello friends! How are you all? Hope you are enjoying! Christmas is over but the New Year sensation is on. As usual the places would be covered with snow with cold wind flowing around. The parks are full on preparation for the New Year eve to come with different artists roaming events to events. On the other side the strong resolution are made to be followed from the New Year to come. There are some failures and some success in the last year. Thereby I would say, learn from your failures and keep on your success. Because if you don’t continue your success, there will be many mouths saying that your first success was just luck. Don’t let it happen. Read more

The Land of Women

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“Men have stopped behaving like human beings,they are behaving like animals,worse than animals”-Derek O Brien   “Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.” —Bhagavata Purana, 12.2.19-20   Through my Second Sight I see, a nation’s disintegration, Through the darkness of my imagination, corpses of women i dream, and through the seeds of the Devil, come the germs of evil, to penetrate deep into society,   Famed Land of Women, what are you coming to? Famed Land of Women, have the Goddesses forsaken you?   Hallowed Land of the Preserver, where is your lasting influence? Hallowed Land of the Preserver, should i still believe stories Read more

[box_light]Nitin Kumar Khare belongs to flamboyant city of Panna. The city which is famous for tiger reserve, waterfalls and diamond and mines. He is a MBA graduate with schooling from Sainik School. He is man who is in search of creative inspiration from the nature and the environment round him. He started a venture called ‘De Murals’ few times back. His Debut Novel ‘I LOVED A STREET WOMAN’ is creating vibes on book market and among the readers. Thousand Miles Team had a nice chat with him regarding his debut novel, his personal life, interests, hobbies, etc.[/box_light] [box_dark]1.What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘I LOVED A STREET WOMAN ‘?[/box_dark] Nitin: Its simply the zeal to tell stories. Its Read more


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Come December and it’s a time for celebrations, after a very delightful Diwali, now we have Christmas and the New -Year on way. Of course the world was supposed to end on 21st Dec, but here I am typing this article still alive and having to study for my term papers which I hoped would never happen. Now that exams are over for a lot of lucky people minus me and with the sale season to start any day, it’s the best time of the year, au revoir to the old year and welcome 2013 with mega-watt smiles on our faces. The beauty of December with a chilly breeze, cup of coffee/chai, and colourful red and green Christmas decorations all Read more