Month: January 2012

My First Love

I lie on the pile of roses Thinking of you I pull one out and hold it Close to my heart Wishing you were here. The flowers delicately Touch my face The cool breeze feels good In the warm sun I pull a petal I whisper into the wind “He loves me”. I lay the flower on the ground Not wanting to pull another I knew… The only important thing is ” I LOVE...

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The largest capital investment sport in the world

  [box_dark] Thinking of Tennis, Football, Golf, Cricket but people tends to forget that the largest money investing sport is Formula 1! From cars, engines, tyres, fuel to sponsorships it is arguably the only sport which requires more money than any other but it’s not only about money , the game instead has become a stepping stone for the common men to earn respect through a game which was majorly a rich class a few decades back. Then came the staging of the races in countries like China , India which are developing nations where the majority of the...

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A ‘model’ Break up Document

  [box_dark] Whereas upon thorough perusal of my state of mind and the prevailing conditions which include, among other things, availability of a better- hotter girl; late realization of incompatibility; a former crush evincing some interest; imminent dwindling interest in the relationship; and/or without any plausible reason, I solemnly declare our relationship dissolved with immediate effect. You will be hereinafter referred to as the second party in the document. This document, by its nature, content and intent, is informatory, and thus does not require attestation of the second party whatsoever. The onus of nervous breakdown; tendency to smash crockeries...

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Top Ten Hollywood Movies Of 2011

The year 2011 was notable for containing the release of the most film sequels in a single year, at 28 sequels. 1.Harry potter and the Deathly hallows-Part-2 Characters:Harry James Potter, Prof.Dumbledore, and Voldemort.  A perfect magical experience movie. This movie contains 8 part.This movie based on the novel by J.K.ROWLING. Its an epic fantasy film. It has become 9th film to have surpassed the billion dollar mark. The 3rd  highest grossing film of all time. It grossed $91,071,119 on the first day of release,achieving the biggest single day gross of  all time. Its total grossed $1,328,111,219 in 2011. As...

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Top Ten Bollywood Song OF 2011

Why this Kolaver di-dhanush(singer):: Why This Kolaveri Di (Tamil: வொய் திஸ் கொலவெறி டி, Voy Tis Kolaveṟi Ṭi ?; English: Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?)It is the most heard Tamil song of the year for the entire nation from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film ‘3’, which is due to be released in 2012.It was written and sung by actor Dhanush and  the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander. Its instrumentation consists of nadaswaram, shehnai, saxophone, urumee and thavil drums, acoustic guitar and keyboards mixed with electronic synths and scratches and thus catch the heart of many...

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