Month: February 2012

Editorial(Valentine’s Day Special)

Hello Lovers! This time I wouldn’t address you all as readers or friends, but LOVERS indeed! I am very much thankful to you as you have given us your precious time to read our new issue on valentine’s day. I know you are in full mood of romanticism and thinking all day long for your mate to wish you ‘Darling! Happy Valentine’s Day’. Hope that, you all have received your romantic wishes from your special ones and you have reciprocated as well. For those who hoped for their valentine to wish back, but have not been requited! Don’t worry, Lord...

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An Interview With Deenga

TM: what is the inspiration behind the formation of your band? Dennga:  All of us wanted to do and create something of our own….. we all were individual musician in the industry…wanted to have a music home of our own…which is our band. TM: who are all the members of your band and what are the instruments they are on? (A brief profile of each member). Deenga: Soumik Chatterjee on vocals…A bohemian in real who travels and visit different boul akharas just in search of soulful music. Rahul Mishra in bass guitar….a doctor by qualification..But music is something which...

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Cyclic relationship-“HAPPY VALENTINES DAY”

Until the next, one complete rotation of the earth about its axis its 14th Feb., people all over the world call it valentine’s day and celebrate with their beloved ones. What would be the worst thing that can happen just a few hours before this auspicious day? Hide someone’s cell phone and you will see the most practical reaction in the world, let someone lose his atm-card and the next day your facebook profile will show an accidental notification “Lalu change his relationship into being single”. Everything in this world is dynamic and the magnified version of this mechanism...

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The Adjustment Bureau (2011)

It’s Valentine’s day and in this season of love, Thousand Miles brings to you a review of  this romantic ,sci-fi movie-“The Adjustment Bureau”.It was built at an estimated budget of  $50,200,000.Released on March 4,2011 world-wide,it earned $21,157,730 (USA) in the opening weekend and grossed $127,869,379 Worldwide as on 26 May 2011. Based loosely on the short story “Adjustment Team” by Philip K. Dick , The Adjustment Bureau is a story about two lovers- ambitious politician David Norris (Damon) and a  beautiful contemporary ballet dancer Elise Sellas (Emily Blunt) who meet in the Men’s room,just as David was about to give a public address in the lead up to...

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