Month: February 2012

Those Thoughts’

If he loves then why he fights, If he cares then why he shouts. Is he getting pissed off with me? Or is he now very much bored of me. These feelings are really crazy, Some of them are very scary. He argued and i kept my voice dim Cause I’m too afraid to lose him.. I care every time like mad But he doesn’t care so sad. Didn’t slept last night as I was missing him And he says that I don’t even think about him Does he want the way I’m to be changed? But he only...

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Romantic Bollywood Songs Of All Time

Suppose you want to present your valentine with most romantic gifts, then this list of bollywood songs would produce a vibes in the presentation. For the night of valentine, I am pretty sure you have decided or planned something for your valentine. So, while you invite her to the valentine night, start playing this playlist. This list is Bollywood’s all time hit and tagged romantic tracks; whenever it is heard. Believe me, as you present her some special gifts with soft wine of valentine with hugs of teddies that night, these songs gonna turned her mind more romantic. She...

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