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[box_light]As I was wondering about which film to write about, I came up with a very rational film of all times from Bollywood- Swades. On the occasion of our Anniversary, I thought of writing about some good concept films, so I started up with Mohan from Swades. The entire film is based on attachment that we must hold about our own country, the emotions , the affection and everything that relates us with our own country. The present conditions of India enhances brain-drain for which many such talents relatively leave this land for better future. This country-our own India needs something what is shown in the film to upgrade itself a self-sufficient nation. We often gaze to other countries’s development and progress and rebuke India for its Read more

Fashion Column (Spring issue)

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Hello Fashion addicts! This is my first feature in Thousand Miles . Well, here’s my intro : My name is Namrata and I am a Fashion ADDICT! Winter’s gone …… Okay, almost gone. The blazers, pop mittens, trenches all go back in the old closet .They are all gone. The new spring-summer closet is all about Fun, pastels, Florals and free spiritness. This SS the High waist shorts are a staple! Yes!Believe it or not! You just have to have one . Shorts ain’t gonna work . the world is CALLING for high waist shorts this time. They are a must. You can wear them with a peter pan collared shirt or even a cute lace evening blouse. And don’t Read more

The Olympic

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We all have our own choices of sports and games. We tend to get divided with sports at times putting forward our views in more popular team games like football, cricket, basketball, rugby and field hockey. A large portion of the world population are attracted towards the game of football or popularly known as soccer in the Americas and we can see very less interest given towards individual sports like swimming, boxing , shooting, tennis track and field events in athletics, etc . But in reality individual sports are the ones along with the team games being played as a whole at the Olympics bring the people together for a nation. Regardless of whatever domestic sports league organized in their Read more

An Interview With Novoneel Chokroborty

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[box_dark]An interview with the author of the “best-seller” book- “A Thing Beyond Forever”[/box_dark] [pullquote_left]Well, Thousand Miles interviewing Mr. Novoneel Chokroborty the author of “A Things Beyond Forever” early in this year, and the first question to him was, [/pullquote_left]“What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel?” Replying to this he explained as “Of all the plots I had in mind when I decided to become a storyteller, the plot line of ‘A Thing Beyond Forever’ excited me the most. Hence I zeroed in on it. Apart from my own non-negotiable excitement I don’t think anything else inspired me to pen my debut novel.” [divider] Thousand Miles then asked him to brief him about his debut novel, and also interrogated Read more

Without You

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How can I live without you, In this vast world how can I find you; Why are you going so far, Is my love not enough for you to stay and not go apart…   How can I forget the spiritual feel, When you first held my hands; When my heart started throbbing fast, Forgetting all the present vains… How can I forget the day of my dreams, When we went for our first date; When I gave you the red rose, And you blinked your eyes with a smiling face…   How can I forget beautiful moments, When we were happy together; When we talked the whole night, And you promised to be with me forever…   You can Read more