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The Spanish Armada is soaring high. Winning three international titles consecutively they have proved to be arguably the greatest team of all time. They won the Euro 2008, the world cup 2010 and now the Euro 2012 champs. Spain displayed football of amazing flair and charisma which the critics say could only be compared to the Brazilian team of 1970’s. Spain has always been tagged as underachievers in world football by the critics but since the beginning of the 21st century they have slowly and steadily changed their destiny to greatness. Unlike Brazil ,the five time world champions, Spain haven’t had managed to win a world cup until 2010 in South Africa. Starting with the Euro 2008 and in the Read more

Sivasagar Diaries

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This is not a story I suppose. But something like you can read and feel what I am trying to convey. It’s about a small town, Sivasagar and its stale matters located at Far East of Dispur, the capital of Assam. Sivasagar, a newly grown up city of Assam, a flamboyant gist of Assam. Clicking over its origin, it was the capital city of mighty Ahom kingdom who was the rulers of this land 200 years back. It has a temple of Lord Siva which is called as ‘Shivadol’ at the heart of the city. In and around which there are many other temples built during Ahom era and India’s largest man-made pond just behind the Sivadol which is named Read more

Christopher Nolan has truly created a masterpiece with his final sequel in the Batman Trilogy-The Dark Knight Rises. The most awaited movie of 2012 provided a mesmerizing cinematic experience that transcended even its predecessors by the sheer drama,action,stunts and the visually stunning war-toys.The most admirable fact about Nolan is his inimitable dexterity to add newer dimensions to his characters which has outgrown the base DC Comics characters imagined by Bob Kane and Bill Finger and has helped in creating its own niche in the world of comic-inspired super-hero Hollywood movies.This is what sets it apart from the rest in the flock.The record-shattering pre-book sales just goes on to show the long-wait and desperation of fans worldwide for The Dark Knight Rises-a movie which has Read more

Editorial (Monsoon Issue)

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It is probably raining outside while you are reading our stuffs. So, the monsoon has started its ethereal influence in our dear India. The smell that it delivers just after a complete shower is the most expected horizon, we- the Indians always await for! In every Indian houses, the house wives and mothers are busy in cooking several spicy and salty dishes for their loved ones. The delicious cuisine during any rainy season is Pakori( A typical spicy and crunchy Indian fry dish) with fresh green tea. The effect of Monsoon is so deep that people forgets the presence of hot summer days. I would say, why not! As it gives a relaxation from those hot sunny days wandering round Read more