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The World Of Ping-Pong

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  Whenever we hear the word Ping Pong we generally tend to associate it with China. The game of Table Tennis comes to our mind which is popularly known as Ping Pong in China. When you are in China it sometimes feels like people here are born to play Ping Pong. China as a nation has dominated this sport in the last four decades. Children here are used to holding Ping Pong rackets in their hands at a very young age and learn the art of playing it just like the craze for Cricket among children in India. With the name of the game being a Chinese one and its dominance by the same nation people would think the origin Read more

Editorial (Bazaar and Indian Economy Issue)

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Dear readers, once again we are successfully publishing our tenth issue, and it feels immense pleasure this time bringing out the Bazaar’s theme. Thousand miles thanks all its readers and onlookers for their continuous support and necessary feedbacks. The love and support that you all have bestowed upon us, and the laborious nights of our team together make it possible all the way to accomplish our journey on date. This time our magazine is going to be open full-time sales of delicious item of thoughts and adventures, fresh and ready to serve in its menu, you can visit us anytime you like even you can read this later if you have less time but do read all our stuffs because Read more

A Prisoner of Birth by Jeffrey Archer

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I have read Jeffrey Archer in the past but this is the best I’ve come across so far.I haven’t read ‘Kane and Abel’ which is proclaimed to be his best novel but if you’re a reader who swears by crime-detective genre of fiction,you’re bound to love this one! The plot begins with the protagonist Danny Cartwright,who works in a car garage,his fiancée Beth Wilson and her brother and Danny’s best-mate Bernie Wilson turning up at a wine bar,Dunlop Arms,to celebrate their engagement.They were yet to discover the surprises which the night had in store for them. At the same bar,there were four friends-Spencer Craig,a barrister,Gerald Payne,the youngest partner in a real-estate firm,Lawrence Davenport,a popular TV actor and Toby Mortimer,an aristocrat Read more