Month: October 2012

Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA), 2012

Tech titans have gathered in Berlin, Germany, for Internationale Funkausstellung, popularly known as IFA. And like past several years this year too, IFA is set to witness some big announcements from tech giants. Let’s take a look at the 6 phones unveiled at the event. 1.Samsung Galaxy Note 2 Samsung has announced Galaxy Note 2, a tablet-smartphone hybrid. The device, which succeeds popular Galaxy Note, has a screen size of 5.5-inches. The device, dubbed ‘phablet’ because it can function as a tablet as well as a phone, is powered by a quad-core processor running at 1.6Ghz, has 2GB RAM,...

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Sudden Beautiful Omen!

The life is full of omen! Yes! Believe me… I experienced the finest omen of my life during one of my train journeys. The journey was as usual with my bunch of friends making fun of each other and enjoying the environment. We were heading towards home from the incessant torture of our college turf. The departure time of the train was scheduled at 11:55 PM, almost midnight. As we booked air-conditioned cabins with sleepers, we checked our respective births and kept our stuffs accordingly. I had a friendly argument with one of my friends regarding the birth. He...

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While walking down one of the busy market areas one cannot help but notice the sheer energy bustling out of that place, I am talking of none other than our very own Indian local bazaars. The animated life it pictures…of vendors screaming, people bargaining, carts full of fresh veggies and fruits and the endless lanes of grocery stores. It is quite amazing that bazaars have survived this long, standing against time right from its inception probably which dates back to the kings and queens, till today, a time of malls, mushrooming in almost every metro city. The significance of...

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An interview With Suravi Sharma

A small conversation with Suravi Sharma, the author of ‘VOICES IN THE VALLEY’ with thousand Miles Team. TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘VOICES IN THE VALLEY ‘? Suravi: I always wanted to write fiction as I’ve been an avid fiction reader since school times. I also kept writing articles in newspapers -The Hindu, and New Indian Express (where I wrote a regular column). In 2009 I just could manage enough time to look inward and start writing a full length novel. [divider] TM: Tell us briefly about your debut novel. Is this a complete fiction or...

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English Vinglish

English Vinglish is a 2012 Indian drama film directed by Gauri Shinde. It was released on 5 October 2012. The film stars Sridevi in the lead role and most imporatntly, the film retreat her comeback to Bollywood after 14 years and to Tamil Cinema after 26 years. The film also features Mehdi Nebbou a french actor, Adil Hussain, and Priya Anand. Amitabh Bachchan and Ajith Kumar make guest appearances in the Hindi and Tamil versions respectively. Shashi, the protagonist  is a middle-aged typical Indian housewife who earns handful amount of cash by laddu Business. She is a dedicated homemaker who is taken for granted by her family. She is teased for her poor...

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