Month: July 2013

Water Gallery

What is there, beyond that? I am a flow. In the sea. Far away, but on me- Water. So I am that fast. The Feeling! I Fall And I am Water- so, Water-fall. While I am...

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Editorial ‘Water Issue’

Hello Friends It is TM News all over again. This time, we are bringing some special concerns regarding ‘Water’ quality and beauty of water. Mother Nature is proving us with so much of love and affection, but we, the Humans don’t deserve that. We are spoiling it day by day. We are polluting it. The quality is degrading. Scientifically, pH levels are getting over or down the normal limit. We need to take care of it. It is our home- The Mother Earth and water is her special offering to us. Water is said ‘LIFE’ for us. We need...

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Jeevan Initiative Test Findings- Unhygienic ‘Drinking Water’ In Ghy

Voluntary association Jeevan Initiative had collected samples from drinking water facilities available/installed at 10 prominent public places and submitted for bacteriological and chemical analysis of the same at the State Public Health Laboratory. All these samples failed the bacteriological tests, and four of them failed even the chemical tests. That means water in all these places is unsatisfactory for drinking purpose. This has been confirmed by the reports obtained from the laboratory. The tests were carried out as per IS 10500:1991 standard. These samples were collected from drinking water facilities at Guwahati Railway Station, Assam State Transport Corporation (ASTC)...

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Waiting at the ISBT, Guwahati, saw many buses leaving and coming into it. It was a big network of buses. I was complaining god for I was not able to get the love of my life. I continued with myself conversation and the bus that I booked arrived at the 29 terminus of the Bus stand just in front of me. It was almost a genial night to travel. I was travelling from Guwahati to Sivasagar. It was almost half past 9 and the bus started in its trail. I took the window seat on the front row of the bus. The road...

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