Month: October 2013

A Beautiful Dream

I woke up in a shocked way and felt my heart to be moving in a hasty sway. It was me, binded in a splendid quilt… took in a  deep breath filling me in with the sweet- smelling silt. Recalling, the episodes of last night… Of him holding me so tight. The brushing of his lips all through… Kissing me with the words ‘I LOVE YOU’. But something snaped in my mind then Last night, we were not alone… A guest was to come there, Who would be taking over the throne. I suddenly looked at my side, It...

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Autumn gallery

It’s me again, the nature! fog and its own morning. my prey! life is always the ‘desired’ maa on making you still don’t know me I am still trying I am lucky enough to be cared by sea. will be back soon! did you ping me up? on a fine evening… At last, you are...

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The road taken twice

‘I may smoke..I may drink I may grow..I may shrink If you protest…I wil make faces The underline is that I love vices’ These lines are not some kind of revolutionary masterpiece…yet they managed to get Gaurav 200+ likes after he reposted it in his timeline. The last time he had posted those lines was around a year ago..hardly 2 or 3 likes had welcomed it before it got lost under more likeworthy newsfeeds. Since…the last few months…Gaurav has become a superhit user of Facebook. His every update…most of which are reposts…gathers a humongous number of likes and comments....

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The Alphabets

They were young, loveable too Some straight, some twisted Some crisply cursive Shining chalk white On my innocence’s slate Till the day, they found their way Till the day, they flew away Out of my bedtime fairy tales To the yellow posters of highway protests Out of my mother’s sacred scriptures To the pink gloss at footpath stalls Out of my father’s one-act plays To the expired ration cards! Now, they are old, ugly too Some straight, some twisted Some brightly painted Overnight they run around On the cogs of printing wheels To scare me the next morning To...

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Wasted Inheritence

He carried a spear in his hand To protect his father’s fabled land For father had taught him never to fear And to worship his land and his spear So…he waited from dusk to dawn Fervently glaring the remote horizon One morn…they came on thousand horses And valiantly he stood against the forces But…to his awe they offered him wine And four full grown turkeys to dine He threw his treasured spear…bowed down And conceded his fatherland to the crown The crown greeted him with a grin And used his spear to circumcise his...

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