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The Invincibles Are Back

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Keep on thinking, thinking and thinking and people who are not fans of football will never know who or what are ‘’the invincibles”.  Dear fans I am so glad to tell you that “the invincibles”- Arsenal are back.  People started calling the Arsenal Team of the early 21st century as the invincibles due to their achievement of remaining unbeaten throughout the whole season of 2003-04 in the English Premier League. This was a special achievement in the modern era because they played throughout the entire season without losing a single match! I say now that “the invincibles are back” because of the way Arsenal have started the 2013-14 season. Arsenal is presently on top of the league and playing football Read more

The Rolls

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A drop of sweat trickled down his spine and conspicuously navigated itself through the tshirt-low waist pant separation into his ass-crack, losing itself forever. The humidity had escalated the feel of the summer heat in Kolkata, causing the sticky effect in touch & vision.The denizens were however immune to the discomfort as their beloved Maa was coming home, it was Mahalaya. It was that time of the year where the world meant only shopping and fanfare for them everything else could wait just fine. He shifted a bit to calibrate his line of sight and then continued with stealing glances.Diagonally seated across him was a Bengali oomph-istress (as he liked to call them), with the inherited customary wholesome bosom, concealed tightly with a buttons-ready-to-pop Read more

Here’s  the story of a small town girl who finds herself lost in the fast-moving metro life… Everyone dreams…be it big or small…and I am no less. I too had dreams…dreams of a better life which would soon turn into best…of flying high up in the sky and touching the zenith…of exploring myself and letting the world know that I too exist. With these aspirations in mind I planted the seed of my dreams and it soon grew into a beautiful tree…though with few ups and downs, I managed to make myself educated enough to get into a decent job…the desire to work in a big organisation in a metropolitan city came true and I stretched my wings to fly…fly Read more

Hello friends! How are you all? How did the festive events go? Did you all enjoy to the fullest? It has been always the awesome time for us to experience this festive month. To our enjoyment, Diwali is yet to come. Diwali, the festival of light is always something close to us. The last month cyclonic period caused much panic to us, the Indians mainly to the eastern and south coastal region of India. But to due to perfect management of Disaster Management team and our defense personnel, we received less governmental loss and loss to lives. Though, it came during the festive event, our prayers and worship to Goddess Durga was so high, that nature has to bow down Read more