Month: April 2014

Book Review: Be Careful What You Wish For

The latest volume in the mammoth Clifton chronicles by Jeffery Archer was launched in India recently, and I was lucky to read it within 3 days of launch. The book, like all other Archer novels was unputdownable. The story revolves around the second generation Cliftons now, and slowly focus shifts from Harry Clifton to his son, Sebastian Clifton and his life, first as a teenager and then as a young man trying to make his mark in the world. The book is set mostly in England, and is an account of only 8 years (1957-1964), yet it contains many...

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Quizville (Spring Fall, 2014)

Thousand Miles takes immense pleasure in introducing to its readers our new guest columnist Arundhati Sarmah Baruah. Profile: A passionate quizzer, singer and a free-spirit. She likes to read novels and listen to music. She has worked previously at TCS for 5 years. She is currently pursuing her MBA in Marketing and HR from Tezpur University. Although she is new to the quizzing circuit, she has made her mark by winning quiz championships one after the other, starting with Qreka 2013. She is also a proud member of the Quiz Adda fraternity at Tezpur University.       In this...

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Techyard (Spring Fall ’14)

Samsung Galaxy S5 Samsung’s flagship smartphone model Samsung Galaxy S5 has hit record sales with initial estimates suggesting that it might even surpass its predecessor’s record. The Galaxy S4 had a runaway success in 2013. in 2013, Samsung had claimed that it sold 10 million units of Galaxy S4 smartphone in just one month after the launch, making it the fastest selling Android device. However, it failed to live upto the per-launch expectations as it was widely speculated that the new SG S5 will have curved screen. The new S5 can be at best termed as S4 Plus rather some...

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