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No matter how much happy you are, there lurks a sense of insecurity among all of us. Perhaps the insecurity stems out from the attachment that is the basic human instinct.       The most important way to look Cool is not by displaying your wide array of fashionable clothes to the public but rather by showing your attitude to remain silent and patient even during times of any sort of crisis.     Our figment of imagination is a very powerful tool. It transforms us completely and the good thing is that nobody becomes judgmental about it. It’s a beautiful slice of life that makes us feel happy and wanted.   Life is pretentious and we love to Read more

Nature Made fantasies

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How often we take our nature and our environment seriously? It has become an easy discussion about how global warming, pollution and other man made creations are causing a huge damage to the nature. But have we really come up with any solid solution to all these or are we putting the best effort which will help our next generation to live with enough natural resources? How does man made calamities and natural calamities have different impact on human life? The topic of environment degradation and human efforts will always be under scrutiny and hence not taking it as a main concept of this article, we will give you a fresh look of how nature itself has created beautiful work Read more

A thing about Mother Nature

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We call it “mother nature”, but have you ever wondered why? Nature is denoted as mother, because she cares for us just the way a mother does. Yes, she gets angry at times, and we all know what happens when a mother get’s angry. Comparing earthquakes with the way her body vibrates with anger. Comparing floods with how she cries but with continuous scoldings, And droughts with how she stops talking. Nature is a lot like a typical mother. Comparing rains with her showers of blessings Comparing sun with her warmth Comparing winters with her laughter when she’s sick. But the most important thing, nature has everything that we need. Just like our mother. No matter how, she always gets Read more

Chicken Afghani

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1 Chicken 5 gms- Ginger 5 gms- Garlic 5 gms – Kachri 5 gms- Yellow chilli powder 2 gms- Turmeric 200 ml – Curd A pinch of Garam Masala 30 gms – Bengal Gram flour 2 gms – Cumin powder 200 gms – Tomatoes 200 gms – Onions 3 gms – Cinnamon 3 gms – Cardamom 3 gms – ClovesBay Leaves 1/2 bunch green coriander 150 gms – Broken Cashewnuts 50 ml – Cream 50 ml – fat 1 boiled egg for garnishing How to Make Afghani Chicken 1. Clean, skin and debone chicken and cut it into small pieces.Grind ginger and garlic, beat curd and combine them together with ginger/garlic paste, kachri, yellow chilli powder, turmeric, cumin powder, garam masala powder and Bengal gram flour (besan). Mix well. Add salt. Add chicken to the Read more

Queen’s own Land: Ranikhet

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Hi Friends! How are you? This is Yogi Saraswat again here with a new post from Ranikhet. Before starting my writing on this place, I would like to thank you  for your overwhelmed support and response to my very first post of “ Satopanth & Swargarohini “ . Ranikhet in Hindi means “Queen’s Land “. This charming hill station is in Almora district of Uttarakhand at a height of about 1829 meters from MSL. I can assure you that you will find it to be one of the best places to explore and yes it has everything to pacify the nerves of an avid city dweller. You may visit Ranikhet in all seasons and you will find it very suitable Read more