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Random Emotions

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Thoughts and words were all the same, Until that one emotion became. As music was for the deaf in tone; Without a soul, just sticks and stones. Brushes were picked for kings and queens; Their beauty ignored, but riches be seen. And Dare they erred their throats were slit. So their skies were blue, and their grass be green. But how long can you hide the passion inside, when things have this habit of getting out of hands. Thus happy we are to lose ourselves, for the will to mate and each other create. Floyd pinks in Japanese; On starry nights the seas roar; We kill and breed whatever we must; Namastasye, Namastasye! By: Divey Gupta

Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with “The Vinyl Records‘ members. They talk regarding their band, their love for music, their live events, their future plans and many more. Check this out. TM:What is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?  Love for music is the inspiration behind the formation of the band. Wanting to learn how to play and make our own music to express ourselves has brought us to this beautiful compartment. TM: Who are all the members in your band and what are the instruments they are on? (A brief profile of each member). TVR:  Cheyyrian Bark : Lead vocalist and keyboard player/second guitars Minam Tekseng : Bass guitars Banu jini : Lead guitars Mithy Tatak : Read more