Month: July 2017

Nidhi Maheshwari Designer Collection: Gallery by Rohan and Dev

Diva Armarkar Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Nidhi Maheshwari Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Diva Armarkar Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Diva Armarkar Diva Armarkar Purabi Edbor Diva Armarkar Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Venue Credit: Venue 1: The Breakfast Story: This is the first restaurant in Nagpur to serve English Breakfast. The owner of this restaurant is a professional architect and has designed the place with beatiful color combinations to give a perfect ambience to have a wonderful breakfast with daily specials menu. The extensive use of colors made this place our...

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An Interview With Nidhi Maheshwari: A New Sensation in Fashion World

Defying the trend of an Indian society where engineering studies are in high demand and worshiped like anything, a young girl from Nagpur left her on-going degree program in Industrial Engineering for her passion for Fashion Designing. On her journey, she was fully supported by her parents for the significant change in her career from Engineering to Fashion Designing and there after her destiny took her to something extra-ordinary. We, at Thousand Miles in an exclusive talk with Ms. Fashionista Maheshwari. Here goes the interview: TM: What motivates you to participate in ‘London Fashion Week’? NM: LFW is an international...

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Dzuko Valley: An Unforgettable Journey

It was a group of thirteen people when we started from Guwahati. We all went there by train to Dimapur. After reached Dimapur, we’ve booked zonal taxi to Kohima( the capital of Nagaland). After four to five hours travel, we reached the hotel near Taxi stand. Dimapur to Kohima is approx. 75 km, but road conditions are so in bad shape due to landslides and heavy rain. In the afternoon we went for grocery shopping and other requirements for Dzuko trek. Next morning we started around 7 AM from hotel to Viswama (Dzuko trek dropping point), only Tata Sumo,...

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An Interview with Siddharth Roy: The Young Sensation in Indian Writing World

From the young sensational Speaker, Philanthropist and Badminton player cum author Siddharth Roy, comes a beguiling love story that will grab your heart to get flabbergasted and make you think over true love again. Whether you are young or old aged fella, His presentation: The Special Fish will connect your senses directly with the inner chambers of your heart and would let you fall in love with this charming piece of literary work. Here is us, Thousand Miles Team in talks with Mr. Charming and Sensational Roy. TM: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘The Special Fish’? SD: Umm.....

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Dahi Methi Murg (Chicken Curry in Dried Fenugreek Leaves and Yogurt Sauce)

Dahi Methi Murg (Chicken Curry in Dried Fenugreek Leaves and Yogurt Sauce) – Step by Step Recipe Serving for – 2-3 [marker bgcolor=”#e50700″ textcolor=”#f9f9f9″]Ingredients[/marker] Chicken – 500 gm (Cut into medium sized pieces and wash into warm water.) Yogurt – 1 cup Capsicum -1 small cut in cube Kasoori methi / Dried fenugreek leaves – 2 tbsp Oil – 2-3 tbsp Salt to taste To make paste Onion – 2 (Sliced) Green chilies – 6 Cloves of garlic – 4 Ginger – 1.5 inch piece Add all above ingredients in a blender and make a smooth paste by adding...

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