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Editorial: September’17

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Hello Readers and followers, Thanks for being with us since we made a come back this year March. We, at Thousand Miles are working day and night for collecting write-ups, articles, for photo-shoot, making tie-ups, designing our website and doing other creative works. These are all for making TM a place for infotainment. We love putting our creativity in anything that comes by and henceforth, we value any work of art, design or literary work. If you want you can submit your work at TM, we would love to go through it. This issue ‘Culture, Tradition and Festivals’ dedicates to the mentioned theme, also including two interviews. One is highlighting a beauty pageant lady- the 2nd Runners Up of Mrs. Read more

Thousand Miles presents you the list of top 10 foods that you must eat or taste while at Madhya Pradesh. MP is a culturally rich state and has his own traditions and own food. Some are sweet and yummy and some are hot and delicious. Go through the list and make sure you have them all if you ever been to Madhya Pradesh(MP) 1.POHA Low fat ,high in carbohydrate ,instant energy food and quick to make.This taste is often served in breakfast and snacks. In MP, Indore poha are more famous for its spicy taste because of add-on jeeravan. Have poha with a sip of tea. It is yummmmyyyy!!! Source 2.JALEBI A desert which is  Deep fried maida batter soaked Read more

Passion and love for passion drives a person. With it, some could reach their desired destination and some could not. And few are there who dare not follow their passion as they are scared of being forfeited by the society if they could not earn. Here is Saurab Kumar, a teacher, a passionate-dreamer and most importantly a designer with us sharing his life and experiences. We are very fortunate to have his interview for our magazine as he discloses what we must concentrate when it comes to ‘DESIGN’. Mr. Kumar, former Professor of Design at INIFD told us what does the word ‘Design’ mean to him and why ‘Design in India’ is a special concern for our country. In Thousand Read more

The Lamppost

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Its 5 A.M and she is awake. It’s been few days since she doesn’t have to wait for her alarm clock to shout. Suddenly she remembers few lines from a poem of Gill Blaze. “My eyes open and finally blink My body clock is surely out of sync Night time is for sleeping and dreaming Good Morning all Time for work, I must be leaving”. She gazed through the window. It’s her father’s regular duty to come to her room before she wakes up, switch off the light and open the window. Her parents knows it well that she needs at least two hours for her body to fully wake up and become functional. She will sit in her bed Read more