Month: October 2017

Editorial October’17

Hello TM readers, Don’t we love our Mother Earth? Yes we do, right? If She doesn’t exist, we don’t. This is as simple as that. Diwali in India is one such creation of danger to our Earth. Incessant smog covers the Indian cities in the following day of Diwali. Pollution is mainly caused by the particulate matters released from the bursting of the fire crackers that causes serious lungs or breathing diseases. It not only causes air pollution but also sound pollution affecting both humans and animals. Why we are talking about this? Cause this is a serious issue...

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Cherry Blossom

Beneath the cherry blossom, the heart sings her joy; Blowing into the cotton grass she creates her own clouds of white; Bouncing and happy she skips the puddle of wet greens in the wood; My little girl, you are stronger now. Her deep wounds have healed and so has her soul. The demons of her past have been defeated by her white knights; Yes! She kept the knights alive somewhere in her dying heart, Yes! She survived the maul of the dark demons. The clasp of the claws were not strong enough to perish her little mind. My little...

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Happy periods: A Social Initiative By Gandhi Fellow

A social scenario changer driven by both passion and compassion, Shuma Banik, an engineer by degree and now a Gandhi fellow working with 60 schools in Olpad block of Surat district. Out of all the processes that she with her fellow mates go through in the Fellowship, there is a process called Community Immersion where they go and stay with a family in the village from where the students come to school. During her first Community Immersion, she got a chance to interact with a lot of girls from the community and got to know how they miss out...

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No matter how much happy you are, there lurks a sense of insecurity among all of us. Perhaps the insecurity stems out from the attachment that is the basic human instinct.       The most important way to look Cool is not by displaying your wide array of fashionable clothes to the public but rather by showing your attitude to remain silent and patient even during times of any sort of crisis.     Our figment of imagination is a very powerful tool. It transforms us completely and the good thing is that nobody becomes judgmental about it....

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