Month: December 2017

Ned Stark: What is it like, to be a “good” one?

Hello, my dear GoT fans, I’m profoundly flabbergasted by the response that I got from you all on my last character profile. And just because of the response and the requests, here I’m again, to talk about yet another character that we saw on Game of Thrones. Last time we talked about the beauty with brains, Margaery Tyrell. The way she made her mark and became one of the most popular characters in the series is commendable. This time we will talk about a character who, with his warmth, politeness, and sense of duty, became the most loved character...

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Editorial December’17

Hello TM readers, Happy Winters! It may be raining in some places, or a dry winter somewhere or a snowy winter in some places. All in all, a cold season is on. Wherever you are from, we are ready with our hot contents like always. This December issue deals with the theme of Music. We have interviewed a traditional yet melodious all-girl music band ‘Tetseo Sisters‘. Please go through the interview as we have put forward some interesting questions to them. This issue also includes ‘Top 11 Music Bands in India’, an article on ‘Musical Therapy’, a TM video featuring a...

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Impact Music Has Had On My Life

  “When words leave off, music begins” -Heinrich Heine   A common misconception about music is that it is something which is soothing in nature. Well, certain genres of music might not fit into conventional definitions of ‘soothing’ but they still are musical. Music is something which quenches the thirst of the soul. If the soul wants something at a certain point of time, and certain vibrations woven together can provide whatever it is that the soul needs, that is music. The manifestations of music are various. Music can be aggravating, it can be saddening, and it can be...

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Faith can move mountains. And when your faith is spiritually inclined, people would never bother about the physical pain and mental exhaustion. What they will remember is the invisible power of faith that will help them sail across the big ocean of physical hardships smoothly. Life will give you several reasons to hate it. At times, it will appear wicked too, snatching your peace of mind and taking away your life-giving breath. But this brutal act could actually lead to a stronger and more upgraded version of you, although nobody knows when and how long it will take for...

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