A Special Night In July

A Special Night In July

Everything was different

One special night in July

The moon hung shyly on us

While stars beamed in the sky.

We held hands that night

With meaning more intense

Our eyes held close to each other

And we both felt the suspense

We gave into our passion

As love sailed through the air

This special night, ours alone

Was designed with prefect flair.

One special night in July

We truly fell in love

There was now no turning back

As the sky lingered bright above.

That summer night was long ago

A dream come true

And though I relive it often

I shall never get tired of you.

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Nitya Nair

She has a hobby of writing down things on paper and sometimes in M S word whenever she feels happy or sad… and she has a dream to write a novel, but only after she is good at it..so here is an approach to correct herself by writing here and getting comments and constructive criticism from people

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