The first thing that comes to mind is “What is Thousand Miles?”
It’s a journey on the “Highway of creativity” that tries to reach out to those souls who love reading. Good literature is always refreshing for the mind, like that morning cup of coffee/tea, which has become an addiction for many over the years. So we’re just trying to cater to the needs of those addicted readers with a new vista on literature and art. But there arises a question at the same time:”Is there a need for a new magazine when the internet and the print media is already brimming with a plethora of magazines, novels which serve the purpose?”

Our answer is: In today’s age where “race for perfection” is only second to breathing oxygen, there are many embattled souls-”budding artists” out there who haven’t reached the pinnacle of excellence in writing as yet but with a little polishing and proper guidance they can be the future stars of the literary world. Now we here at Thousand Miles believe in giving a bit of exposure to these novice artists. We will be the medium. We aren’t the judges albeit we will surely help you with some tips and constructive criticism. But the ultimate onus lies on the vast majority of online readers who will be our strength and support in this journey. Their highly esteemed comments and views would go a long way in the development of the artistic mind and the growth as a writer in case of the contributors. Nevertheless, contributions from well-known, established writers and artists are always welcomed gratefully and with open hands at Thousand Miles as these writings will enable our amateur artists to learn and imbibe the finesse and beauty of a good piece. We also encourage our contributors to flout the norms and indulge in a bit of innovation, maybe in terms of writing style or (unedited) photography. Because Thousand Miles believes in setting newer milestones for the world! Now you wanna join us: Click here to know how: Career Peep into how we do and what we do: Fun At TM

Core Mast-heads:

Name: Rathin Dutta
Designation: Founder-cum-Editor 
Editor at Thousand Miles. Simple man with legitimate amount of dreams. An NIT Agartala, India Alumnus. Grad man from VTU, Chennai. He is a thinker, writer and teacher all mingle into the curry of dreams. He can be found in Greater Noida these days handling little techno devils.

 Name: Devarshi Bhargav

Designation: Social Sector Manager, Co-Founder
Although an Energy Engineer by profession, he is a Travel Buff to the core. You can’t seem to find him at one place for more than 6 months. He has traveled & even stayed across the different corners of the Country – from the extreme South to North India and then to the extreme West of the country. Presently he is based in Central India. He hails from the North-Eastern City of Guwahati, Assam. His hobby includes clicking anything and everything he finds on his travel expeditions.

Name: Hrishikesh Bharali

Designation: Technical Head, Co-Founder
A perpetual day-dreamer, astronomy fanatic, gizmo aficionado, loves reading novels, music buff, and an occasional writer. He completed his B.Tech from VTU, Chennai, and MBA in Finance & Marketing from Tezpur University, Assam. Currently, he is working as a Marketing Manager in Kotak Mahindra Group.

 Name: Mukunda Madhab Dutta

Designation: Co-Founder
Description: An engineer by education, he is the powerhouse behind TM’s Creative efforts. Blessed with an infectious energy, the word IMPOSSIBLE isn’t present in his dictionary. When it comes to TM, he is very passionate about making Thousand Miles a magazine that people will reckon with in future. Moreover, he has a great sense of humour and loves listening to Assamese Songs!

 Lateral Mast-heads:

Other Members or you can Say TM team are:

Name: Akshay Vyas
Designation: Creative Artist


A Traveller by nature, a Filmmaker by profession, Akshay is making his dreams come true in Bollywood. His hobby includes reading novels and writing short stories. His sense of humour has reached that pinnacle level that he has to explain others what he has just joked around. He is also a Standup comedian (that’s value-added service only..😂😂) He loves singing with all his heart. Recently we came to know, he proposed his dream girl by singing a song. Hmm… It might be a rumour but we are loving the story. He respects humanity and takes life from the coolest perspective. His passion for filmmaking is driving him to something that he has always longed for.

Name: Bikash Mahato
Designation: Creative Designer

Description: An electrical engineer by education. An alumnus of RIST, Meghalaya. Pursuing his dream course on Video and Film Design at MITID, Pune. A vibrant and meticulous in-house creative creature of Thousand Miles family. He loves sketching, traveling, meeting creative people and tasting palatable dishes wherever he goes to. He excels in digitally designed works as well as manual by-hand sketching and painting. He is one of the youngest in the Thousand Miles family yet very stylish like-wise his design works. We, at Thousand Miles lovingly call him as ‘Tiklu’.

Name: Nityaa Nair
Designation: Columnist

Description: In her own words, ‘Bibliomaniac, Sapiosexual, Happy-Traveller, Multilingual, A-Stuck-Story-Teller’. An alumnus of Gauhati Commerce College, Assam. Currently, she is working at Maruti Suzuki as Sales Executive and lives in Vizag, India. She remains calm and happy no matter what situation she is into. She likes writing poems, short stories and loves traveling. Her favorite city is Guwahati as many emotions of her relate to this particular. She is jolly yet finds her interest in exploring deepest horizons of life.

Name: Jurismita Puzari
Designation: Columnist

Description: An Alumnus of Tezpur University, Assam. She is talented and can connect with anyone in no time. She is a Mass-Com graduate and is following her dreams to meet and help underprivileged women and kids throughout India. One of the sweetest members in the TM family, she likes traveling, writing and meeting new people. You will hardly find her in one place. She is active and binds the TM family like anything. Meet our one of the oldest columnists, Miss Activa-the ‘Smiley Face’.

Name: Saroj Verma
Designation: Columnist

Description: She is bold and a beauty with brains.  Computer Science Engineer by education. She enthralls people’s mind with her Urdu and Hindi flavour of words. She hails from Madhya Pradesh and has that in her ‘Hindustan Ka Dil Dekho‘. She likes writing small poems and striking one-liners. In her own words, ‘I am my own favorite’ which she proves whenever you happen to talk to her. A damsel not in distress.

Name: Srija Biswas
Designation: Creative Artist

Description: A Jadavpur Univerity Alumnus. Currently she is pursuing B.Ed from the same university. She hails from West Bengal, India. She is intelligent, traditional and thoughtful lady in the house. She loves photography and her DSLR camera is like her soul-mate. She has very practical yet caring approach to everything she handles. Belonging to a rich cultural background, she enjoys festivals and food like anything. You might see her silent at times, but her mind is working creatively in background. Her photography works prove that fact clear-cut.

Name: Rohan Lala
Designation: Creative Artist

Description: A dynamic engineer by education and profession. Grad man from Raison College, Nagpur. An alumnus of UPES, Dehradun. He is a man of simple words and high thinking. He loves photography and a complete family man. Meet our in-house Creative Artist Mr. Lala, fun-filled who speaks less but when he speaks, others have to listen as his punchlines are full of flamboyancy. He is a perfect example of a man who keeps friendship the topmost priority. You can visualize him as ‘Jai’ of the movie Sholay, his acts resemble the character. Yes, you heard me right, he can do anything for his friends.

Name: Prachi Pandey
Designation: Columnist

Description: The little one in the Thousand Miles family. Currently, she is pursuing her graduation in Pharmaceutical Sciences from ITM, Gwalior. She is an avid blogger. She writes on various subjects that can be experienced in our day to day life. She is a popular figure in her campus where she studies. Everybody loves her as she is the sweetest of all. She likes being loved and adored. She is the type of Diva you have either seen in movies or have dreamed of. We, at Thousand Miles lovingly call her ‘Tikli’. She just completes our family in a way we could never imagine.

Name: Aditi Shende
Designation: Proof Editor

Description: Coming from the ‘Heart of the country’, commonly known as ‘Orange City’, Nagpur, Aditi is currently pursuing her post-graduation degree of Masters of Business Administration(MBA) with specialization in Marketing, from the “CEO Factory” of India, the crème de la crème institutes of the country, Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies,Mumbai. She did her graduation in Mechanical Engineering. She considers herself to be a staunch grammar Nazi and therefore is a very perfect and precious addition to the team. Her love for cats is stronger than her love for new clothes, and thank god, unlike some random 3/4th population of this world, she can very well differentiate between “your” and “you’re”! Meet the redeemer of Thousand Miles guys!!


Name: Mridusmita Puzari
Designation: Columnist

Description: Graduated from Delhi University and a diploma holder in 3D animation and multimedia from Picasso Animation College. Good music, nature, and a road trip is her idea of a perfect trip. Mostly silent but impossible to stop once she starts to talk. She likes writing about critical topics which others might find difficult to adopt. She has been writing periodically for few travel blogs before she joined Thousand Miles family. She likes to do research before she could jot down and finally shape it into an article. It will be hard reading her mind. She is of the thought as quoted by Marilyn Monroe,”Give the girl the right shoes, she can conquer the world.”

Name: Karishma Dewri
Designation: Columnist
Description: With English as her Honors, she graduated from B. Borooah College, Guwahati and did her Post Graduation in Mass Communication and Journalism from Tezpur University. She may not ask for food at times but never ever detached her from movies. She literally lives on it. Had she been given the drawing brushes, she could bring out near-life sketches for you. She likes to write on topics which are burning issues of India. Being a Mass Comm graduate, she looks everything closely. You might see her smiling while talking to you but in the meanwhile, she perhaps read your mind already. Beware! she is one the smartest ladies in the TM house.

 Name: Lipika Debnath
Designation: Columnist
 Description: An engineering graduate in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Veltech University Chennai. Her sense of pride for nation reflects from her work as after her graduation she joined as a school teacher in Hojai, Assam under Sarba Siksha Abhiyan, Govt. of Assam, India to nurture the young minds of India. She loves teaching and be with kids and providing them with the pinnacle of knowledge. She loves cooking and has mastered the art of cooking since her childhood. Meet our in-house Food Columnist, Miss Lipika who can make your mouth open and drool once you happened to read her food column. Yes, you need to be lucky or go and meet her personally at her home to taste those palatable dishes cooked by her.