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The first thing that comes to mind is “What is Thousand Miles?”

It’s a journey on the “Highway of creativity” that tries to reach out to those souls who love reading. Good literature is always refreshing for the mind, like that morning cup of coffee/tea, which has become an addiction for many over the years. So we’re just trying to cater to the needs of those addicted readers with a new vista on literature and art.

But there arises a question at the same time:”Is there a need for a new magazine when the internet and the print media is already brimming with a plethora of magazines, novels which serve the purpose?”

Our answer is: In today’s age where “race for perfection” is only second to breathing oxygen, there are many embattled souls-”budding artists” out there who haven’t reached the pinnacle of excellence in writing as yet but with a little polishing and proper guidance they can be the future stars of the literary world.

Now we here at Thousand Miles believe in giving a bit of exposure to these novice artists. We will be the medium. We aren’t the judges albeit we will surely help you with some tips and constructive criticism. But the ultimate onus lies on the vast majority of online readers who will be our strength and support in this journey. Their highly esteemed comments and views would go a long way in the development of the artistic mind and the growth as a writer in case of the contributors.

Nevertheless, contributions from well-known, established writers and artists are always welcomed gratefully and with open hands at Thousand Miles as these writings will enable our amateur artists to learn and imbibe the finesse and beauty of a good piece.

We also encourage our contributors to flout the norms and indulge in a bit of innovation, maybe in terms of writing style or (unedited) photography. Because Thousand Miles believes in setting newer milestones for the world!

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Core Mast-heads:
From top-left_Rathin Dutta, Top-right_Mukunda Dutta, Below left_Devarshi Bhargav, Below Right_Hrishikesh Bharali
 Other Members or you can Say TM team are:
(1)Akshay Vyas.~~~~ Photographer
(2) Bikash Mahto.~~~~ Cartoonist.
(3) Jurismita Puzari.~~~~ Columnist.
(4) Anurag Hazarika.~~~~Assistant Tech/ Ethical Hacker.
(5) Nitya Nair.~~~~ Poem Refree.
(6)Srija Biswas.~~~~ Senior Photographer.
 Top Left_Shruti, Top middle_Shweta, Top Right_Nitya, Below left_Anurag, Below_middle_Akshay, Below right_Bikash
Lateral Mast-heads:

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