Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with “The Vinyl Records‘ members. They talk regarding their band, their love for music, their live events, their future plans and many more. Check this out.

TM:What is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Love for music is the inspiration behind the formation of the band. Wanting to learn how to play and make our own music to express ourselves has brought us to this beautiful compartment.

TM: Who are all the members in your band and what are the instruments they are on? (A brief profile of each member).


[marker bgcolor=”#fc0a4a” textcolor=”#ffffff”]Members[/marker]

Cheyyrian Bark : Lead vocalist and keyboard player/second guitars

Minam Tekseng : Bass guitars

Banu jini : Lead guitars

Mithy Tatak : Drums


TM: How do you relate the name ‘The Vinyl Records’ to your band?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] We simply love vinyls !

TM: What is the genre of music of your music?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Inde rock post punk.

TM: How did you feel after your 1st recording? (name of the studio and your evergreen moments there)

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] We felt good. There was an excitement for our first release. The recording process was done in a home studio. Evergreen moment related to this first recording would be our video shoot for our first ever song composed that is “Ready set go”.

TM: What was the response after the release of your first professional debut ? (from your fans, people of NorthEast India )

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] They liked it/shared it and supported us till the end. Thanks to them for all the love.

TM: Who are the people behind it?( any eminent person or any figure that helped you)

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Getem Apang (our guardian), Rishu Singh (ex manager)

TM: How many albums did you release so far? ( name of the albums, themes, and released dates and fans’ response)

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] We have released One album this year on February 17th which is called The vinyl Records. It can be purchased from this site called Bandcamp.Com. We have some merchandise too like Tees, stickers etc for sale on the site. Check it out!

We also have our four track ep (2013 released) and a single called “Ready set go” which was featured on vh1 hit factory.

TM: Bands that you follow…

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker]  Sahara hotnights, CSS, new young pony club, the donnas, bikini kill, body language etc

TM: Any musical session with eminent singer (the entire musical experience with him/her)

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker]  Yes , we went to Sweden for the Rbma where we were given the opportunity to play with Maria Anderson who is the singer from one of our favourite band called the sahara Hotnights.

TM: Your film line experience and live concerts…

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Rbma weekender stockholm, Bhutan international festival, nh7 weekender, go mad festival ooty (some of the best)

TM: Please share your views regarding the struggle behind being a successful all-girl rock band in India.

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Struggling is a part of life, we need to work constantly on something to get it, the struggle behind being a successful all girl band is to believe in your dreams and when you believe you can choose to follow.

TM: What is your view about ‘rock’ And ‘Classical’ music?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker]  The most obvious differences between the two genres is the instruments used. Rock is played with the classic format of singer, electric guitar, drums and bass guitar. Most classical music adheres to a strict set of rules whereas rock is much freer musically. Both forms of music will withstand time equally as well.

TM: Any new project or album you are presently working upon?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] We have just released our Album. So we are focusing on getting gigs and playing our new songs.

TM: Your predictions about the future of CD and vinyl sales and what if digital music completely replace these format?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] New album is infact digitally being distributed. This doesn’t mean we are going to forget about CDs and vinyls.well maybe CDs but  vinyls are here to stay for giving the listener a live performance, warm quality kind of sounds.

TM: What is your view about online selling of music and illegal music downloads?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Selling music online is convenient. Our Album is also being sold in this format. Illegal music download is really not cool as the artist works so hard and invest time and money earned from gigs to create the music which is then easily swooped up by the free loaders.

TM: Any cherish moment you like to share with us…

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Watch our official music videos : Ready set go, Whims, Authority

TM: what are your future prospects and dreams?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] To play music our whole life.

TM: In the recent world, what do you think is the most powerful driving force – Money or Music? (Your comments on it)

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] If we have to choose between the two then it would be money for many and music for the few. But music is something which shouldn’t be sacrificed. Money can’t buy the respect you earn by playing music.

TM: Your thoughts on being featured in our magazine Thousand Miles.

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] We would like to thank you for supporting and featuring independent artist like us in your magazine.

TM: What is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?

[marker bgcolor=”#1e73be” textcolor=”#f2f2f2″]TVR:[/marker] Love for music is the inspiration behind the formation of the band. Wanting to learn how to play and make our own music to express ourselves has brought us to this beautiful compartment.