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Happy periods: A Social Initiative By Gandhi Fellow

A social scenario changer driven by both passion and compassion, Shuma Banik, an engineer by degree and now a Gandhi fellow working with 60 schools in Olpad block of Surat district. Out of all the processes that she with her fellow mates go through in the Fellowship, there is a process called Community Immersion where they go and stay with a family in the village from where the students come to school. During her first Community Immersion, she got a chance to interact with a lot of girls from the community and got to know how they miss out...

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An interview with Ajitabha Bose

Pioneer of writing pocket romantic books in India, author Ajitabha Bose in exclusive talks with Thousand Miles. He is a Mass communication graduate and born & brought in Jamshedpur. For his higher studies he moved to New Delhi where his first brain child ‘It’s A Love Story’ came into existence. This is a mini novel with a sweet romantic content in it. Mr. Bose has been an avid blogger and also likes creating documentary films. Apart from this, he has written numerous articles and short stories. Some of them include “If Only” and “Yours Forever” which he had edited an...

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Rendezvous 2017: IIT Delhi

Introduction: Rendezvous is the annual cultural fest of IIT Delhi. It will be held from October 13th till October 16th. It is an inimitable product of Delhi’s unique lust for life and BRCA’s proverbial tendency towards excellence. It is a 4 day extravaganza with equal parts of awesomeness in organization and turnout. We are young, wild, free and exuberant. Come join us as we celebrate and indulge in the joys of life. Few Events to happen: Classical guitarist and composer From the land of the Kiwis, New Zealand, comes Mike Hogan, a master of the solo classical guitar. A composer, performer and song-writer,...

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An Interview with Saurabh Kumar: Knowledge Pool of Design

Passion and love for passion drives a person. With it, some could reach their desired destination and some could not. And few are there who dare not follow their passion as they are scared of being forfeited by the society if they could not earn. Here is Saurab Kumar, a teacher, a passionate-dreamer and most importantly a designer with us sharing his life and experiences. We are very fortunate to have his interview for our magazine as he discloses what we must concentrate when it comes to ‘DESIGN’. Mr. Kumar, former Professor of Design at INIFD told us what...

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