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Temple on top

It was just last week when I had a strong itch that I have not gone out exploring my beautiful planet for a long time. So I set out to visit a place where I planned to visit a long time back. The place was Sholinghur , a small town sandwiched in the border of Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. My place of interest there was the sholinghur temple which is situated just outside the town on the top of a hill. There are actually two adjacent hills having two temples. One being the abode of Lord Narayana(Vishnu) and...

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Heritage of the Assam

The faces of any land chances with respect to time when the bases are roofed by sentences of generation as well as influences of more developed countries. Same is in the case of the state Assam. The land has got lots of comments both bad and good across the country. So the graph has both downfall and rise. No matter what people have said before or what people say now the Assamese people spread all over the India and overseas as well, for knowledge, business, settlement and job. The picture and beauty of the Assam can be vividly envisioned when we walk back to past when pollution was less, and let me make it clear that I am not talking about air pollution. The land with its forest, mountains, rivers and cities is located in the north-east of India with an area of 78,438 The land experiences heavy rainfall and humidity with cool monsoons which rehabilitates peace and harmony to the land and its people of course. Now I have shortage of words to express the beauty of the land but The Kaziranga, the Manas, the river Brahmaputra are some heritages of Assam that speak its own beauty in such a generosity  that it causes no difficulty to continue. The secret of the never ending beauty not only includes the natural resources but the credit also goes to...

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Thousand miles, whenever I hear this name the first thing comes to my mind is a journey, a journey of thoughts, a journey of creativity and a journey of changing life. But my personal thought about thousand miles is that it`s a feat and a conquest which is thousand miles away from us. Thousand Miles is an e-magazine which will publish in our website within every three months. Today Thousand Miles became a reality from a beautiful dream and due to the hard work and dedication of our team and the man behind the thousand miles, the captain of...

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The adventures of dikki-pikki(Season:1)

Character – Dikki: is a boy who likes to do all mischief but always escapes. Pikki: a fat girl ….loves dikky….and always fights with dikki. (Dikky lives with his parents in a village situated near a town called laughing town.) 1st scene- (After the last week cricket match dikki didn’t go to join his friends as he left the play incomplete after his batting.) Dikki: mommy today is Sunday!! Let us go to the Mountain Zoo. Mom: umm! What? No no… Dikki: please mom everybody in the class is talking about that zoo. Mom: no dikki let your exam finish will send you with Pikki’s parent, you will enjoy with them. Dikki: no, no mama no…I will not go with them. Rather I will throw stones to the street dogs. (Running out of the house….bye! mom) Mom: (shouting) dikki …put on another clothes. Uff! (Speaking to herself) holy child. 2nd scene- (dikki collected some pebbles and climbed up a tree near a brook.) Dikki: look at that man he must have found something. (As he tried to climb down he saw pikki and waited there, but poor dikki the branch of the tree broke down and the scene is up) Pikki: (laughing) you skinny! Why you were hiding there you mad. Come I will dress you. Dikki: leave me we boys don’t take sympathy from girls. We are like...

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