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Fashionista Ekta Bhaiya in Indian Attire: Gallery by Rohan and Dev

Ekta Bhaiya- Look around Ekta Bhaiya- glimpse I got Ekta Bhaiya- Looking forward Ekta Bhaiya-My Smile, killing you right? Ekta Bhaiya- I still see you Ekta Bhaiya- I am designed Ekta Bhaiya- fashion and me Ekta Bhaiya- I know you are clicking Ekta Bhaiya- That makes me happy Ekta Bhaiya- I am happy, yes! Ekta Bhaiya- The best thing will happen...

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An Interview With Ekta Bhaiya

They say, ‘destiny is something you can not defy’. This proverb finds its true implementation on Ekta Bhaiya, a fashionista who rose from an unexpected background and proving herself infront of the world stage. Mrs. Bhaiya, the 2nd runners up in Mrs. India 2016 talks us through her life, achievements and things she believes. Thousand Miles team along with another star fashion designer Nidhi Maheshwari asked Mrs’ Bhaiya some questions for this interview in the attempt of knowing her and the driven force behind her that made the great personality she is today. Read this exclusive interview with Ekta...

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Aashna’s Designer Collection Gallery by Dev and Rohan

Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Anisha Sharma Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Purabi Edbor Anisha Sharma Location 1: MIHAN – Multi-modal International Cargo Hub at Nagpur Location 2: Dr. Anjali and Dr. Purabi Edbor’s Home: A home done tastefully with aesthetic interiors. It has artistic touch of statement art pieces and brings the ideology of the owner to life with the presence of simple yet elegant upholstery....

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Aashna Hashmi: A Fashion Designer in Making

Aashna Hashmi is a budding fashion designer and hails from Wadsa, a small town near Nagpur, Maharashtra. She is a young dynamic 20-year-old girl, born on 21st September 1997.  She is currently pursuing her Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Designing from INIFD, Nagpur while she did her schooling from Christanand School, Brahmapuri and continued her college from Janta College, Chandrapur. Aashna had a very normal childhood and a very normal family.She loves playing cricket with her brother and is the apple of his eye. She is also very fond of cooking. On asking her about her inspiration on the choice...

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An Interview with Vasant Kallola

Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with Vasant Kallola, the author of ‘It’s okay to fail, my son’. Having a vast experience in IT and Corporate world since his young age, Mr. Kallola has accepted everything that life has to offer him. He took all his experiences and the lessons he learnt and jot down a beautiful literary piece for the readers to read. This is what he has say to on our questions: Thousand Miles: What inspired you to write this book?  Vasant: My son, Viraj. I saw his struggle to score good percentages during 10th and 12th standards....

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