Author: Arijit Pritam Sarma

Indian Joy at the Commonwealth Games

India is slowly emerging as a power to reckon with in sports. It has been slow but the results are bucketing at the moment with a prime example being the collection of 17 medals by the Indian shooters at the ongoing Commonwealth Games (CWG) in Glasgow. We need proper coaches, infrastructure, a good regime and schedule to develop the players among various sports in our country but at the same time we also need people who can inspire our athletes to compete at the highest level. We can see that our country is slowly reaping rich success in various...

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Let the SAMBA begin!

Samba reminds me of one song in particular Brazil la la la la la la Brazil. Don’t know about other people but the Soccer fans are desperately waiting for the World Cup 2014 to begin in Brazil. Come June and we will have pleasure of watching the most expensive sporting tournament being organized in the land of the Great SAMBA music- Brazil. The FIFA world cup has given us great moments to remember in its history of the modern football game. Well, of course we don’t need much of an introduction for the greatest game on mother earth but...

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Footballing extravaganza in India

  Come 2017 and we have the biggest of all sporting competitions to be held in India. The FIFA under- 17 football world cup! It cannot get any bigger than this. India had to ward of challenges from bidding countries in Ireland, Uzbekistan and South Africa. It may be an Under-17 world cup but it has great significance for the development of football in India. India has only once been inside the top 100 among the footballing nations in the year 1996 which is very dismal for a country with a population of 1.2 Billion. With the advent of...

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The Invincibles Are Back

Keep on thinking, thinking and thinking and people who are not fans of football will never know who or what are ‘’the invincibles”.  Dear fans I am so glad to tell you that “the invincibles”- Arsenal are back.  People started calling the Arsenal Team of the early 21st century as the invincibles due to their achievement of remaining unbeaten throughout the whole season of 2003-04 in the English Premier League. This was a special achievement in the modern era because they played throughout the entire season without losing a single match! I say now that “the invincibles are back”...

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The Game of wings and feathers

[infopane color=”7″ icon=”0072.png”]People will start thinking what kind of game is this? Wings and feathers! Oh! I see.It’s our very own home game of Badminton. It’s a game which every common people in the world would play and especially during the winters with lights on during the night. This would always help us relax and feel good about our health and for this even the elderly people would take up the sport.[/infopane] We will see what this sport is all about and what makes it so interesting that every individual want to have a play when he or she...

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