Author: Devarshi Bhargav

Parindey Youth Foundation

Parindey Youth Foundation, Nagpur was founded by young, intellectual and dashing Avi Agarwal, the president and the team during his undergraduate days back in 2011. The main moto of this young and dynamic team is to spread joy and happiness to the needy. They connect to orphanage homes, specially abled child, and kids on streets. Their fund raising campaign is the most unique one out of all these kind of organization. These young people collect scraps from their locality and sell to fund the events. Annual cultural event, “Navtej” is a regular event done every Diwali for orphan and...

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Holi- The Colours Of Life Gallery

Colours beneath the shade feel with friends just enjoying riding with colours When Colours smiles… Bowls with colours! colour beliefs colour revenge but sweet red wind and its elegancy red wind flows I and my hands are the witness a play and many colours the colour face. the wind of colours when colours...

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Autumn gallery

It’s me again, the nature! fog and its own morning. my prey! life is always the ‘desired’ maa on making you still don’t know me I am still trying I am lucky enough to be cared by sea. will be back soon! did you ping me up? on a fine evening… At last, you are...

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Water Gallery

What is there, beyond that? I am a flow. In the sea. Far away, but on me- Water. So I am that fast. The Feeling! I Fall And I am Water- so, Water-fall. While I am...

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