Author: Joonak Konwar

The Whore From the Notorious Street

She laid those eyes on mine. I could feel her gaze as empty as a barren land, in which I could sense the longing for the utmost unreal. She has that soft subtle curve of smile, convincing enough to conceal the pain of her ruination. Yes! She is a whore from the notorious street, selling her body but her mind yet to defeat.   At the depth of her heart, she is still the little girl from her once glorious past, where her body was more than a delish carcass for the vultures. Her body swayed in the wind like...

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Cherry Blossom

Beneath the cherry blossom, the heart sings her joy; Blowing into the cotton grass she creates her own clouds of white; Bouncing and happy she skips the puddle of wet greens in the wood; My little girl, you are stronger now. Her deep wounds have healed and so has her soul. The demons of her past have been defeated by her white knights; Yes! She kept the knights alive somewhere in her dying heart, Yes! She survived the maul of the dark demons. The clasp of the claws were not strong enough to perish her little mind. My little...

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My wind chime of peace! The wind would kiss you tender and resonate the harmony so soothing, so compassionate. Take me to my long lost calm; Revive me to the core, bring back my popping colors; Tuning to your euphony I would sing to the reminiscence of my past glory. My wind chime of hope! In tranquility, you would let me dream, Let me soak in the fascination of the future unrevealed; The beauty in your melody would make me believe more in me and I would stride to taste the sweetness of the dew of fantasy. My wind...

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I Make Love to Me

I make love to me……    I caress my dried scars with the slightest touch,  Slowly and softly!  I kiss my remnant feelings and let them arouse.   I try grasping hard……… Really hard!  I try grasping the black patches in my soul and bring them out, And hear them lament their story of sterile rove.  I blow them with my brightest light to let them glow even within their dark.    Yes! I end up wet……I wet my pair of eyes!   As the memories from rust and the fears inches inside my mind,  I cringe, I scream in...

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