Author: Jurismita Puzari

A Dark Menace

Women in the history have had, in actual fact, an equal, if not superior status to men. In Vedic times, women and men were on the same level in so far as education and religion were concerned. Women participate in the civic sphere alongside men. India is a country where we worship goddess ‘Devi’ as shakti, the sovereign incarnation of power. In the Vedic literatures mother Earth is embodied as the Goddess Bhumi, or Prithvi. She is the lavish mother who bestows her grace on her children. Now a question arises as to whether women at the present scenario...

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‘Celebrating Sangken’

‘India’ is a country of great multiplicity. People inspite of being from different religion, caste and creed lives together untidily. Thus, the great proverb goes very perfectly for country like India – ‘Unity in Diversity’. It described as a land of diverse religions and innumerable languages. At the same time it also described as a land of festivals as well. Indians love celebrating. Every little occasion from the harvesting of crops, welcoming the spring, expressing devotion to the deities of different religions, lends itself to joyous celebrations splashed with colours, music, folk dances and songs. Even the birthdays of divine beings are also celebrated by relating...

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Tais That Bind

Assam is a land of bewildering diversity- where people of different castes and creeds live together, creating a unique and colourful mosaic. Assamese culture has been enriched by successive waves of migration, which absorbed into the State’s way of life and thus, created a fascinating and exotic blend. Assam has been inhabited by the Aryans, Mongoloids and Dravidians, along with people of Indo-Burmese, Indo-Aryan and Indo-Tibetan stock. Assamese culture is an amalgam of diverse cultures and ethnic heritage. Among these various tribes, the vibrant colours of tradition can also be seen among the Tai people of Assam. Tais are...

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Success can be yours!

[box_dark]What does success denote? Does it imply only scoring good marks in examination? Can scholastic achievement alone decide one’s future?[/box_dark] Each person may harbour different views on success. It is primarily an individual’s attitude that contributes to his or her success. An answer script alone of course, cannot decide our future. Being dishearten after scoring less marks in an examination may not necessarily be rational, nor should one be elated beyond measure after achieving good results, as it may be short-lived. Almost every person is born with innate qualities of head and heart. The different lies in realising the...

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A Synopsis

It’s beautiful everything that was unsaid by us!! Everything was cold. But it was not the weather though Shillong is a very cold place! It was the silence that suddenly surrounded us!! Everything seemed so still like life instead of pushing us forward, pulled us back! Our eyes hopefully glazed for some hope, some feelings that could make us smile just for a moment. A tiny little moment; this sincerely forgave us for our unsaid tears! It was all empty n bluer!! Our heart had a hope of us being happy again like those days when our innocence ruled our raising dreams. Tears often flow within our heart. Gazing at the sky above us, and hoping for a bright day to dawn, we were sad and prayed to god for happiness in life, as loneliness made our lives really miserable. We were the poor angles, who cried in silence for a land of peace, where we would find warm and true company, where once again we could lead a happy life. Though we lived in the “Green-Destination – Shillong”, the pride of North-East India, yet, something was missing in our lives. A companion that anyone could embrace our unborn tears and a mate who could hold our bleeding hands. At last, our heavenly Father fulfilled our dreams. It was one of the most boring and clumsy day, our mind was all blank...

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