A 'model' Break up Document

A ‘model’ Break up Document

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  [box_dark] Whereas upon thorough perusal of my state of mind and the prevailing conditions which include, among other things, availability of a better- hotter girl; late realization of incompatibility; a former crush evincing some interest; imminent dwindling interest in the relationship; and/or without any plausible reason, I solemnly declare our relationship dissolved with immediate effect. You will be hereinafter referred to as the second party in the document. This document, by its nature, content and intent, is informatory, and thus does not require attestation of the second party whatsoever. The onus of nervous breakdown; tendency to smash crockeries and things that are brittle, inexpensive and handy; disturbance created in the neighborhood due to loud cry, shriek and wail; and Read more