Author: Mridusmita Puzari

Music Therapy – An Insight

After a long tiring day, a beautiful country song with a heart full of guitar chords as background music, the long echoed soothing music while doing yoga at morning, dance till u drop at the party with the jazz or Bollywood numbers or simply old, slow, beautiful classics on the radio while preparing lunch at home on a lazy Sunday. Music has always been a constant support throughout our life. The role of music for the enhancement of one’s happy mood and taking people out of the misery of life is undebatable. Over the years, the growth of the...

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Top 10 Things We Do in Winter

Being the coldest of all seasons, it has something warm in it as it gives beautiful memories to be remembered for. In a climatic condition like India where mostly summer rule in most of the places, merely this 3 or 4 months of winter offered a good vacation and a quality time with loved ones. Winter can be different for everyone. The chill in the air, covered up in wools, the cozy-comfy weather has given me few very interesting facts to share. 1. Sun will be very dear to us. In summers, we hate its sight but now we...

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Nature Made fantasies

How often we take our nature and our environment seriously? It has become an easy discussion about how global warming, pollution and other man made creations are causing a huge damage to the nature. But have we really come up with any solid solution to all these or are we putting the best effort which will help our next generation to live with enough natural resources? How does man made calamities and natural calamities have different impact on human life? The topic of environment degradation and human efforts will always be under scrutiny and hence not taking it as...

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The Lamppost

Its 5 A.M and she is awake. It’s been few days since she doesn’t have to wait for her alarm clock to shout. Suddenly she remembers few lines from a poem of Gill Blaze. “My eyes open and finally blink My body clock is surely out of sync Night time is for sleeping and dreaming Good Morning all Time for work, I must be leaving”. She gazed through the window. It’s her father’s regular duty to come to her room before she wakes up, switch off the light and open the window. Her parents knows it well that she...

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INDIA- A Paradigm of Diversity

As rightly quoted by French scholar Romain Rolland “If there is one place on the face of earth where all the dreams of living men have found a home from the very earliest days when man began the dream of existence, it is India”. But why to visit India? There are at least thousands of prompt individual reasons to do so. Rich art &culture, age old heritage, scenic beauty, wonderful wildlife and so on. This article may not summarise the vast diversified indigenous spheres of extraordinarily deviant country but one can surely get a glimpse of its aura, but...

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