Author: Mukunda Madhab Dutta

Never Again

The red marks turned into black and then vanished, But I did n0t understand the bitter part of it. When you realize what the time taught you Just like childhood, t’was already all lost. Once I lost a gift and I replaced that with a kind. But the inside rumbles and the face faked. Now tell me, why there is a value to all that wraps, rather than the one that is wrapped. It’s not the final destination that I am afraid of. Even it’s not the rebels whom I care about. But it’s me and my insidious whom...

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Editorial (Bazaar and Indian Economy Issue)

Dear readers, once again we are successfully publishing our tenth issue, and it feels immense pleasure this time bringing out the Bazaar’s theme. Thousand miles thanks all its readers and onlookers for their continuous support and necessary feedbacks. The love and support that you all have bestowed upon us, and the laborious nights of our team together make it possible all the way to accomplish our journey on date. This time our magazine is going to be open full-time sales of delicious item of thoughts and adventures, fresh and ready to serve in its menu, you can visit us...

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DAKKU VAIRAV SINGH, DIKKI, PIKKI And The Adventure Continues

Hot! The temperature scaled to 48 in the Celsius scale, most of the people of “thai thai” (name of the countryside where Dikki and Pikki resides) use to keep their doors and ventilators open during the night for a pleasant sleep. Meanwhile, the gang of Dakku Vairav Singh and his domestic dogs found a secret place to hide near the countryside on the mountain caves. On those days’ people were even more frequently shopping and decorating their houses for the forthcoming festival and were returning late night and the market place of Laughing Town remained undoubtedly busy and crowdy....

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Editorial(Independence Day Special)

The day of liberation!!
15th august 1947, India regained its sovereignty, after a tremendous efforts and sacrifices. We have read history of that period and heard of many stories of misery through which the country came across to attain this day, and the national flag of our country was proudly raised. Today the people of our country have different opinion of this day, and many among us don’t believe that we are actually independent,but our country is. Poverty, hunger, slavery still persists in our democratic country. We have the longest constitution in the world in the race of satisfying the large number of population and hence our country is growing abnormally in many sectors.

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Dikki Pikki and the gang of Daku Vairav singh-Part-1

Scene1: Summer vacation! In the morning the clock stroke seven, Dikki was still in the world of fairy tales while it was raining outside. And out of the blue a housefly came from nowhere and it was buzzing around his face, disturbed Dikki had to wake up and start his morning fight. He then got down from the bed and took the pillow and tried to hit the poor insect which was still buzzing around. Mother 🙁 Suddenly entered) what’s that? (Surprisingly) Dikki: (angrily) my morning enemy, mom I like to sleep in the morning and it woke me...

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