Author: Namrata Talukdar

The Woman Within: An Inside Story of a Woman

Okay, so Woman’s Day had just got over and I should have written this before the special day meant for us. Of late I have been following this hilarious yet very intelligently made web series ’The Permanent Roommates’ suggested by a dear friend. The last episode was about the protagonist Tanya’s grand wedding with her bae Mikesh where the former is not fond of this big fat Indian wedding concept. The wedding planner Mrs Khatri, who was not happy about Tanya’s decision, gave her a long brain jolting speech on how nowadays Gen X gals are so sceptical about...

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The Trapped Childhood

I don’t know if I am writing this in angst, shame or disgust. Child labour is something which has bugged me from my childhood itself. I have had some horrible experiences within my surrounding. I have seen a child serve tea to the guests of a family. I could not utter a word but bear the pain in silence. Just the other day I and my mother in law visited a nearby place where we met this lady. After my marriage I moved to a new place and so everyone nowadays had a concern for me as to how...

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