Author: Prachi Pandey

Top 8 Things to Keep in Mind Before Watching GoT.

So, this time I thought, I should help the “about to start watching” people in knowing the basic things to keep in mind before starting off with the first episode. Here’s a list of things that’ll help you understand better. Now, before you start reading the below mentioned “points to remember”, I’m assuming that you atleast know the theme of the show. It’s about different houses fighting to sit on the Iron throne (not like the cliché one thrones you see on other shows), and the other houses that are involved in some way or another. 1. It’s a...

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The Cold Winter Knights

So last time, we talked about the Red Woman. Well, this time, we’ll discuss an event that took place in the series, and changed nearly everything. The Battle of Bastards. Since it was the battle between two bastards, and so the name. The bastard son of Lord Roose Bolton, Ramsey Bolton was ruling the north and so the Winterfell was under him. And to get the Winterfell back, Sansa and Jon had to defeat Ramsey’s army, which had a hell lot of knights (6000 approximately). All they had, was a bunch of Stannis’s knights and the rest were the...

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Melisandre So Far: What If The Night Wasn’t Dark?

Okay, so last time, we discussed the pure and pious, Ned Stark. Well, this time, things are going to get a little filthier. Because our this week’s character profile is about a lady, who is dirty(really), clever, and a devotee of the lord of light. Yes, it’s the Red Woman aka’ Lady Melisandre. A beauty with hell lot of brains. So, Lady Melisandre worships the lord of light, everyone knows that. Her quote “The night is dark and full of terrors” is more popular than the red woman herself. If you ask me, I know many people who don’t...

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Ned Stark: What is it like, to be a “good” one?

Hello, my dear GoT fans, I’m profoundly flabbergasted by the response that I got from you all on my last character profile. And just because of the response and the requests, here I’m again, to talk about yet another character that we saw on Game of Thrones. Last time we talked about the beauty with brains, Margaery Tyrell. The way she made her mark and became one of the most popular characters in the series is commendable. This time we will talk about a character who, with his warmth, politeness, and sense of duty, became the most loved character...

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Winter is Coming

Since, we all know that winter is coming,  which is also a popular phrase from the television series ” Game of Thrones”, so I just thought I should share with you, what I learned from the series so far. Note- if you have just started watching GoT, then don’t read it, or if you have no plans to watch it (which is ridiculous), then this might make you wanna. **SPOILER ALERT** ‘Game of Thrones’ has taught me to go through both sides of a story, before making a decision, it has taught me to never depend so much on...

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