Author: Priyanshu Chakraborty


PAPER CUTS I’m looking blank at the ceiling Guess it happens to everyone else Lost love, dreams unfulfilled Those memories often ring the bells Look at the dreams of heaven like joy In the eyes of that 15 years old kid Yes i have lived them once Before you shot me one day straight in the head Her eyes were moist that day When she told me i mean the world to her I see a different person in her now All i have now is a deep fading scar Why did you leave me alone When you promised...

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Kisses And Burns

The whole world is so dead outside Only ghosts are dancing in the ground I kiss the cigarette But it makes a burning sound   Memories are faded, hopes are dead Everythings so empty, no happy angel around I kiss the cigarette But it makes a burning sound Thinkin about a lost love, and her pretty face Didn’t try hard, i failed to chase And when her pictures cries out loud I kiss the cigarrete But it makes a burning sound   The poems of a dead poet Reflects my pain Hollywood stories, those happy endings Are like salt...

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