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Editorial December’17

Hello TM readers, Happy Winters! It may be raining in some places, or a dry winter somewhere or a snowy winter in some places. All in all, a cold season is on. Wherever you are from, we are ready with our hot contents like always. This December issue deals with the theme of Music. We have interviewed a traditional yet melodious all-girl music band ‘Tetseo Sisters‘. Please go through the interview¬†as we have put forward some interesting¬†questions to them. This issue also includes ‘Top 11 Music Bands in India’, an article on ‘Musical Therapy’, a TM video featuring a...

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Editorial November’17

Hello, TM reader and TM lovers! How are you all? o! yeah! The winter is here. It has started chilling out in the northern parts of India. Snowfall has also started in few places. Are you ready for the fantastic winter? Are you ready to eat the Indian Spicy dishes? Are you done with your winter shopping? We, at Thousand Miles, are always excited when winter knocks in. We urge you to take care of your health from severe winter creeping in some places. Have bonfire, warm clothes, good food and drink brandy or scotch occasionally to keep yourself...

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Editorial October’17

Hello TM readers, Don’t we love our Mother Earth? Yes we do, right? If She doesn’t exist, we don’t. This is as simple as that. Diwali in India is one such creation of danger to our Earth. Incessant smog covers the Indian cities in the following day of Diwali. Pollution is mainly caused by the particulate matters released from the bursting of the fire crackers that causes serious lungs or breathing diseases. It not only causes air pollution but also sound pollution affecting both humans and animals. Why we are talking about this? Cause this is a serious issue...

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Editorial: September’17

Hello Readers and followers, Thanks for being with us since we made a come back this year March. We, at Thousand Miles are working day and night for collecting write-ups, articles, for photo-shoot, making tie-ups, designing our website and doing other creative works. These are all for making TM a place for infotainment. We love putting our creativity in anything that comes by and henceforth, we value any work of art, design or literary work. If you want you can submit your work at TM, we would love to go through it. This issue ‘Culture, Tradition and Festivals’ dedicates...

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Editorial, August’17

Hello readers and TMians, How are you all? Did you enjoy the post summer with down pour of rainfall? We hope you have good time this summer and looking forward to the next season as soon as the rainy season ends. The day of liberation 15th august 1947, India regained its sovereignty, after a tremendous efforts and sacrifices. We have read history of that period and heard of many stories of misery through which the country came across to attain this day, and the national flag of our country was proudly raised. Today the people of our country have...

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