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Top Ten Bollywood Song OF 2011

Why this Kolaver di-dhanush(singer):: Why This Kolaveri Di (Tamil: வொய் திஸ் கொலவெறி டி, Voy Tis Kolaveṟi Ṭi ?; English: Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?)It is the most heard Tamil song of the year for the entire nation from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film ‘3’, which is due to be released in 2012.It was written and sung by actor Dhanush and  the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander. Its instrumentation consists of nadaswaram, shehnai, saxophone, urumee and thavil drums, acoustic guitar and keyboards mixed with electronic synths and scratches and thus catch the heart of many...

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Mahishasur Mardini

ayi sumanah sumanah sumanah sumanoharakaantiyute || shrita rajanii rajanii rajanii rajanii rajaniikaravakravrute || sunayanavibhra marabhra marabhra marabhra marabhra maraadhipate|| jaya jaya he mahishaasuramardhini ramyakapardini shailasute ||   Friends, you may be little confused reading the title. But, this is very familiar term for the eastern region devotees of India. Yes, friends, it is the thematic name of Goddess Durga, the symbol of power and agility. Mahishasur Mardini represents a very peculiar meaning. It means ‘a lady who slashed a powerful devil named Mahishasur’. That lady was none other Goddess Durga. She was called ‘ Maa Durga’ after she killed...

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You thought it wrong…

It was not at all a sunny day. The reason was the cloud that overcastted the sky. The whole atmosphere set on gloomy look. The black birds were flying all over the sky. It was worth mentioning that a fresh breeze was blowing freely in the atmosphere. But that was very cold to feel. Shivering with the breeze, small lads were given cups of coffee. It was to be added that not a single old couple was seen there. Might the chilling wind prevented them doing so. Nevertheless the hot ball of the sky was expected to warm the...

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