Author: Saroj Verma

Top 10 Foods You Must Eat While at Madhya Pradesh

Thousand Miles presents you the list of top 10 foods that you must eat or taste while at Madhya Pradesh. MP is a culturally rich state and has his own traditions and own food. Some are sweet and yummy and some are hot and delicious. Go through the list and make sure you have them all if you ever been to Madhya Pradesh(MP) 1.POHA Low fat ,high in carbohydrate ,instant energy food and quick to make.This taste is often served in breakfast and snacks. In MP, Indore poha are more famous for its spicy taste because of add-on jeeravan....

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Monsoonal Ramblings

Don’t go with my smile, I hold storm in my eyes. My mind is willing to see the world, Not on cost of what u think. I have my own consent, And I go with that flow. I dance in rain, Not to hide my flood. I whirl to feel, the soothing water,I love. I climb mountains, Not to escape from this world. I ascend to challenge, the encouraging Heights,I aspire. Way to go long, Higher and higher, Its not the way u thought. Its the way “I”...

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