Author: Shruti Sarma Hazarika

So What Is Your Best Moment?”

Finally years later I find myself drowning in festive fervour…amidst glorious Vedic chants seeping through the puja pandals as people bow down for blessings before thy goddess. And then I remembered my TM friends giving me the liberty to jot down the best of my moments. Today I will ramble on. As I pondered, I realised if someone actually asked me this in person perhaps I will not be able to answer…instead I will blabber a train of thoughts.Like in times of serenity my mindtalks philosophy to me. I love those. It gives me purpose in life to achieve...

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Women Power ‘Naari Shakti’

A country which ignores its women can never truly develop into a real nation. Like a building that will have a weak foundation without pillars, women too play an important role in developing a society and help build a strong foundation. Sadly, in a nation which worships Goddesses, the plight of its female folk can only be described as least developed. The female gender has had to suffer an immense deprivation in terms of rights and freedom. The Indian scenario of women is like a two sided coin, on one hand we see women touching the zeniths of success...

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All It Takes Is love

“It’s the time of the season where love runs high…”, come February and one just can’t miss those red, pink and white hearts everywhere, an eye assault for the many single hearts and of course a happy love filled feeling for the other lucky-in-love ones. They do make everyone smile though, in their hearts at-least, even people like me who find all the lovey-dovey decorations funny and illogical. But to each his own, most people will argue that if you love someone you don’t need a special day to show it…what I feel is, well each day is different,...

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Come December and it’s a time for celebrations, after a very delightful Diwali, now we have Christmas and the New -Year on way. Of course the world was supposed to end on 21st Dec, but here I am typing this article still alive and having to study for my term papers which I hoped would never happen. Now that exams are over for a lot of lucky people minus me and with the sale season to start any day, it’s the best time of the year, au revoir to the old year and welcome 2013 with mega-watt smiles on...

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While walking down one of the busy market areas one cannot help but notice the sheer energy bustling out of that place, I am talking of none other than our very own Indian local bazaars. The animated life it pictures…of vendors screaming, people bargaining, carts full of fresh veggies and fruits and the endless lanes of grocery stores. It is quite amazing that bazaars have survived this long, standing against time right from its inception probably which dates back to the kings and queens, till today, a time of malls, mushrooming in almost every metro city. The significance of...

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