Author: Shubham Pratap Srivastava

Without You

How can I live without you, In this vast world how can I find you; Why are you going so far, Is my love not enough for you to stay and not go apart…   How can I forget the spiritual feel, When you first held my hands; When my heart started throbbing fast, Forgetting all the present vains… How can I forget the day of my dreams, When we went for our first date; When I gave you the red rose, And you blinked your eyes with a smiling face…   How can I forget beautiful moments, When...

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If you are going…

If you are going then step up and go, But don’t look behind as if you know; I will be crying for your love and you, And seeying my tears is not good for you.     If you are going then step up and go, But don’t call me again as you know; I cant stop myself after hearing your voice, And my heart will suffer for once and twice.     If we ever met by mistake or by fate, Then please ignore me as if you hate; I cant stop myself and this you know, And if you...

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