Author: Vishal Panicker

The Land of Women

“Men have stopped behaving like human beings,they are behaving like animals,worse than animals”-Derek O Brien   “Displaying His unequaled effulgence and riding with great speed, He will kill by the millions those thieves who have dared dress as kings.” —Bhagavata Purana, 12.2.19-20   Through my Second Sight I see, a nation’s disintegration, Through the darkness of my imagination, corpses of women i dream, and through the seeds of the Devil, come the germs of evil, to penetrate deep into society,   Famed Land of Women, what are you coming to? Famed Land of Women, have the Goddesses forsaken you?...

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Of Birth and Death

I watch him trudging through the gardens, cooling sweat with my breath,i ignore the beautiful maidens, I watch the numerous lines on his face every single day, like the twisted lanes of the garden as he makes his way, I can hear the high friction of his walk, slow to move,slow to cover his usual path, His arms are dry as a dead leaf,pale white, I flex my own,and i know its temporary delight. Do you feel the same as you watch dry leaves fall in winter? do you feel its weakness as you catch them and they crack,...

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The Devil And The Paralysis

Why can’t I move? Why can’t I talk? Are these demons with me even when I walk! My breath is out! But how? Am I dying? But why now… I fight to regain control; I fight for freedom… From this un-explained feeling, Holding me still, paralyzing. I dread the time when I have to sleep, For I know the time has come again for the devil to creep, But that’s not my only fear, It’s the windows closed only partially, And the doors just open tantalizingly, That gives me the dreaded ghastly thoughts, That gives me the devilish hallucinations…...

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