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Tarun is a tabla artist from Nagpur was born in the orange city of India on 27 th July, 1993 and got into professional training under Shri Sandeep Chauhan when he was just 3. His journey started when his mother thought of giving him a gift on Children’s day. He demanded tabla as gift to which his mother didn’t refuse. That was the moment when his inseparable bond developed for Tabla. He gave his first stage performance at the age of 6. He became to a child artist at All India Radio at the age of 7. He started his professional training under Shri Sandeep Chauhanji and then continued with Shri Suresh khadanvisji. During this period of time he travelled for Read more

Hindu? To begin with, I am one. More devout than I ever thought I would be, I believe in my faith and I am not ashamed about it. Having been brought up in an orthodox Hindu family, religion has always been a part of life and I am glad it is. Right from ‘Lagta hai Bhagvaan ki yeh marzi nahi thi’ to console us when something turns out some way to ‘Sab Bhagvaan ki dua hai’. From going to my ancestral village to listen to one of my grandfathers do the annual Bhagvad Gita event to reciting the Hanuman Chalisa every morning and do the puja every evening. While everyone loves Holi and Diwali, I love all of them – Read more

One of India’s most well-known feminists KAMLA BHASIN converses with Indrani Raimedhi. Watching the Women’s March online and on television in the most powerful nation in the world, I was curious to know just where Indian women stood as feminists. And who better to tell it as it is than Kamla Bhasin, developmental feminist, activist, poet, author,and social scientist. Nearly four decades of Bhasin’s work has revolved around gender, education, human development and the media. Her NGO, Sangat, is a South Asia network of feminists, and she is the South Asia co-ordinator of One Billion Rising and had worked as a UN representative. She is the co-founder of Jagori, a capacity-building initiative through which she fuses feminist theory with community action, Read more

Assam Agricultural University (AAU) established in 1969 is one of the earliest institutions of its kind in Assam. Every year talented lot of grads and research scholars walk out of this premiere institution with the most valuable degrees in their hands. So we should know why this institution is such an awesome thing to attend. Here are ten reasons why we think AAU rocks: (1) Grads of this university are real gem. They are improving our Agriculture with their research. (2) This institute has more Phds and research scholars than many other great institutes in combined total. (3) The inhabitants of this university lives in the best biodiversity of the Earth. (4) They cultivate whatever crops or plant is required. Name Read more

Among The People

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It has been my ardent wish to immerse myself in an active life, motivate others and to live fully. These saw fruition during my first community immersion. Included in the curriculum of the fellowship design, Community Immersion turns out to be one of the best learning journeys where one gets to reach the unattainable. Being one of the most challenging tasks, it has helped me to gain knowledge, experience and perspective.   On October 5, 2016, I signed up for a stay to Pok Nagar, slum in Surat city. It is a small community right near the river bank that feeds into the Tapti River. Living for a month in the community, I’ve worked hard, enjoyed hard, laughed hard and Read more