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Hello Mileans 😀 It has been very long that you have heard from us. It is we, Thousand Miles, back again after exactly 2 years where we left. We were not dead, we were just hibernating. This ‘come back’ issue means a lot to us. There were several tie-ups following the come-back this year. We have associated with Pragyan’17 (NIT Trichy), Composit’17 (IIT Kharagpur) and Udghosh’17(ITS Engineering College) and many more on the pipe line. We are their official online media partners this year exclusively. We are doing possibly everything to provide you all a good content and infotainment overall. We are stretching our arms to grow more and more and to associate with each individual and organizations so that Read more

Hello Readers! It is your favourite magazine Thousand Miles Magazine reporting after quite a long time. How’s been you festive break? Blast? Right? Naa! Don’t worry, we are hear to make something of your browsing time a bit interesting. Go through our current issue & other articles and enjoy to the fullest. We are very proud of scientists and engineers at ISRO for successful mission of the Mangalyan who entered the red Planet attraction point few days back. Now we can held our head high because no other Asian countries have been successful like us so far. In matter of success in first attempt, we are the first and only nation in the world to do so. Now, We have Read more

Hello Milers 😀 It has been long time since we interacted with one another. Happy Monsoons! The smell of new pour near by the house makes you feel that. The feeling is awesome and the most awaited. The spicy and crunchy PAKORAS complete our Monsoonal party. Isn’t it Milers? Your distant relatives might have come to your home to spend the summer or you might have chosen a destination summer near by world famous beaches or in a silent and green lands. We have chosen this theme (Family, Friends and Fun) to remember our important sector of our life i.e fun with family and friends. When we are down or something has let us down, it is our family and Read more

Hi Friends! How’s been the spring time for you? How’s been the Lok Sabha Elections for you? How did you enjoy with your family & friends? Was it a blast? Pohila Baisakh or Baisakhi or Bihu, whatever it is, we just love to celebrate it. Isn’t it? We have observed the election of the biggest democracy in the world. The question of the hour is, who could save us from tyranny and corruption. The answer is very simple. It is we. We must know our candidates and the parties we are supporting. The coming five years would be turning point for us- for our country India. One vote from each of us will be the deciding fator in this entire Read more

Hello Colour Players! Hope you had a fabulous colour time with your friends and family. The Holi ends with a terrific note that, ‘Basant’ which we called spring in English is about to enter into our senses. Welcome this season with open hearts and feel the change of season. We have customs and rituals for every festivals in India. Believe me, that is something that binds us together and makes us a one country India. We play from colours, crakers, water to flower in many of our festivals. This is us- Indians we love to celebrate our festivals with different kinds of props like that in various kind of Dance forms. Few days back, demise of the great souls like Read more