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Passion and love for passion drives a person. With it, some could reach their desired destination and some could not. And few are there who dare not follow their passion as they are scared of being forfeited by the society if they could not earn. Here is Saurab Kumar, a teacher, a passionate-dreamer and most importantly a designer with us sharing his life and experiences. We are very fortunate to have his interview for our magazine as he discloses what we must concentrate when it comes to ‘DESIGN’. Mr. Kumar, former Professor of Design at INIFD told us what does the word ‘Design’ mean to him and why ‘Design in India’ is a special concern for our country. In Thousand Read more

They say, ‘destiny is something you can not defy’. This proverb finds its true implementation on Ekta Bhaiya, a fashionista who rose from an unexpected background and proving herself infront of the world stage. Mrs. Bhaiya, the 2nd runners up in Mrs. India 2016 talks us through her life, achievements and things she believes. Thousand Miles team along with another star fashion designer Nidhi Maheshwari asked Mrs’ Bhaiya some questions for this interview in the attempt of knowing her and the driven force behind her that made the great personality she is today. Read this exclusive interview with Ekta Bhaiya: Thousand Miles: What is the driving force that makes you the person today? Ekta Bhaiya: Every person and incident that Read more

Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with Vasant Kallola, the author of ‘It’s okay to fail, my son’. Having a vast experience in IT and Corporate world since his young age, Mr. Kallola has accepted everything that life has to offer him. He took all his experiences and the lessons he learnt and jot down a beautiful literary piece for the readers to read. This is what he has say to on our questions: Thousand Miles: What inspired you to write this book?  Vasant: My son, Viraj. I saw his struggle to score good percentages during 10th and 12th standards. What puzzled me was the fact that, when he was preparing himself for great turning point of his life, why was Read more

Defying the trend of an Indian society where engineering studies are in high demand and worshiped like anything, a young girl from Nagpur left her on-going degree program in Industrial Engineering for her passion for Fashion Designing. On her journey, she was fully supported by her parents for the significant change in her career from Engineering to Fashion Designing and there after her destiny took her to something extra-ordinary. We, at Thousand Miles in exclusive talk with Ms. Fashionista Maheshwari. Here goes the interview: TM: What motivates you to participate in ‘London Fashion Week’? NM: LFW is an international platform to showcase your designs and to flaunt what Indian culture and heritage is all about. TM: What was the in-citation of Read more

From the young sensational Speaker, Philanthropist and Badminton player cum author Siddharth Roy, comes a beguiling love story that will grab your heart to get flabbergasted and make you think over true love again. Whether you are young or old aged fella, His presentation: The Special Fish will connect your senses directly with the inner chambers of your heart and would let you fall in love with this charming piece of literary work. Here is us, Thousand Miles Team in talks with Mr. Charming and Sensational Roy. TM: What is the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘The Special Fish’? SD: Umm.. The Special Fish is a story about tender, sensitive and brittle relationships in teenage. When I was in school I saw Read more