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Not very far away from Nehru Place, the flamboyant mall in South Delhi, lives and works Vishwajyoti Ghosh. Vishwajyoti Ghosh born in 1972 is the author of the graphic novel ‘Delhi Calm’  (www.,  a political graphic novel set in the 70′s and a visual book of postcards ‘Times New Roman & Countrymen’. Ghosh is also the creator of the cartoon column ‘Full Toss’ in Hindustan Times Edit Page, every Sunday, besides his earlier columns like Backlog in Little Magazine and Acid Test in Down to Earth. His comics are regularly published in various journals and anthologies, both in India and abroad. Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with this immensely talented author cum illustrator, Mr. Ghosh. TM: What was Read more

Thousand Miles Team in exclusive talk with “The Vinyl Records‘ members. They talk regarding their band, their love for music, their live events, their future plans and many more. Check this out. TM:What is the inspiration behind the formation of your band?  Love for music is the inspiration behind the formation of the band. Wanting to learn how to play and make our own music to express ourselves has brought us to this beautiful compartment. TM: Who are all the members in your band and what are the instruments they are on? (A brief profile of each member). TVR:  Cheyyrian Bark : Lead vocalist and keyboard player/second guitars Minam Tekseng : Bass guitars Banu jini : Lead guitars Mithy Tatak : Read more


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KRISHNA VERMA alias Deepak Verma is a Software Engineer who works with a prominent IT company in India. He was born and brought up in district Jalandhar at Punjab and is the author of ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN‘. Akshay, our team mate had a nice interaction with Mr.Krishna regarding his novel. TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your novel ‘I WILL LOVE ONCE AGAIN‘? KRISHNA: I must say when you are in love never promise anything and if you do then keep that promise intact so did I. And as the title says ‘I will love once again’, a few broken hearts on my way who gave upon life after untying from their loved ones inspired me to write something Read more

An Interview With Ira Trivedi

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Ira Trivedi is the bestselling author of What Would You Do to Save the World? (2006), The Great Indian Love Story (2009) and There Is No Love on Wall Street (2011). Her latest book and first work of non-fiction is India in Love: Marriage and Sexuality in the 21st century, a landmark book on India’s new social revolution in marriage and sexuality. Thousand Miles Team had a nice conversation regarding her past novels and upcoming one along with her hobbies and interests  TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your novels ‘What Would You Do to Save the World? (2006), The Great Indian Love Story (2009) and There Is No Love on Wall Street (2011) ‘? Ira: The story for these three novels was my own life, Read more