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he popular book recommendation website Goodreads has this to say about him,”Published at the age of 23 by Rupa Publications in September 2011, he continues to write fiction stories and philosophical musings on his blog: He quit his investment banking career in 2012 to devote more time to writing. He is currently working on his second novel which he promises to be “fueled with philosophy and at the same time encapsulated in science fiction.” A graduate of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi and Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Ahmedabad, Kartik Sharma is passionate about books. Be it reading or writing, he found his one true passion in the written word. Ravi Sharma in his own words:  “I am an Read more

An Interview With Priyanka Bhardwaj

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After completing her schooling, Priyanka did her Bachelors in English Honours from Daulat Ram College, University of Delhi. She is currently pursuing MBA from Jaypee Business School. Her blog, Gossamer Diaries unfurls the poet in her. A few of her poems have been published in anthologies and e-magazines. Her skill in literary English and proficiency in the art of presenting beautiful ironical facts of life in fictional form make her a contemporary writer of note. Akshay Vyas from Thousand Miles Team had a close conversation with her regarding her debut novel, interests and hobbies  1. What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ’Red is for Love, Black is for Kohl ’? Priyanka: I was inspired by idleness & boredom. After my graduation Read more

Sudeep: I always want to write true stories based on real life rather than reel life. When I completed my 2nd book, I knew there won’t be another part of Aditya-Riya love story as it had ended with ‘That’s the way we met’. I have a habit of going for an outing to a nice, happening place after finishing a book. So after I had completed writing ‘That’s the way we met’, I was vacationing in Goa when Kritika—one of my gang mates who had accompanied me to Goa—suggested I write a book about Akash and Aleesha’s story. They were my friends who were seeing each other. And then ‘It Started With a Friend Request’ happened. Sudeep : As I said, Read more

Amrita Priya has the twin passions of writing and observing people and their behaviours. She believes that both these passions of her are interrelated and help in connecting with people. Amrita began her career, fourteen years ago as a feature writer – writing features on a variety of topics for Hindustan Times, The Pioneer and Prabhat Khabar. Her two cookery books are a result of her interest in writing about food and her experience in writing recipe columns.  She holds a post graduate degree in Mass Communication and has deep interest in Psychology and Management. She often incorporates the concepts of the three subjects in her writings. Thousand Miles Team feels glad to have a close conversation with her regarding Read more

TM: What was the inspiration behind writing your debut novel ‘Once Upon the Tracks  of Mumbai ‘? Rishi: The thought just struck me, and I wanted to put the story down on paper.  At the time, neither did I know that I was writing a book nor that I would be placing it for publication. [divider]  TM: Tell us briefly about your debut novel. Is this a complete fiction? Rishi: Once Upon the Tracks of Mumbai’ is a story of love, courage, hope, and adventure.  It’s a visual book that takes the reader through a rollercoaster ride, through the eyes of Babloo, a 24-year old unemployed man, who is defined more by his mental disabilities than the unique person he is.  Yes, the book is a complete fiction.  It’s Read more