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Questions-qUESTIONS 1)ACYUT 2 is the 2nd Humanoid Robot built by- 2) Asia’s largest residential layout- 3) The legendary investor known as ‘Oracle of Omaha’- 4) The aging Hubble Space Telescope is to be replaced by- 5) Kyrgyzstan President’s official residence is known as – 6) The world’s largest ship breaking yard- 7) What is common to Calvin Coolidge, Chester. A. Arthur and Barack Obama      – 8) Western Ocean is the ancient name of – 9) India’s youngest ever chief minister of a state- 10) The country named after a tree- Answers: 1.BITS,Pilani 2.Jaynagar,Bangaluru 3.Warren Buffett 4. The James webb Space telescope 5.White House 6. Brazil 7. American Presidents who took the oath twice 8.Atlantic Ocean 9.Prafulla Kumar Mahanta. 10.Brazil  

Character – Dikki: is a boy who likes to do all mischief but always escapes. Pikki: a fat girl ….loves dikky….and always fights with dikki. (Dikky lives with his parents in a village situated near a town called laughing town.) 1st scene- (After the last week cricket match dikki didn’t go to join his friends as he left the play incomplete after his batting.) Dikki: mommy today is Sunday!! Let us go to the Mountain Zoo. Mom: umm! What? No no… Dikki: please mom everybody in the class is talking about that zoo. Mom: no dikki let your exam finish will send you with Pikki’s parent, you will enjoy with them. Dikki: no, no mama no…I will not go with Read more