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Tarun is a tabla artist from Nagpur was born in the orange city of India on 27 th July, 1993 and got into professional training under Shri Sandeep Chauhan when he was just 3. His journey started when his mother thought of giving him a gift on Children’s day. He demanded tabla as gift to which his mother didn’t refuse. That was the moment when his inseparable bond developed for Tabla. He gave his first stage performance at the age of 6. He became to a child artist at All India Radio at the age of 7. He started his professional training under Shri Sandeep Chauhanji and then continued with Shri Suresh khadanvisji. During this period of time he travelled for Read more

Assam Agricultural University (AAU) established in 1969 is one of the earliest institutions of its kind in Assam. Every year talented lot of grads and research scholars walk out of this premiere institution with the most valuable degrees in their hands. So we should know why this institution is such an awesome thing to attend. Here are ten reasons why we think AAU rocks: (1) Grads of this university are real gem. They are improving our Agriculture with their research. (2) This institute has more Phds and research scholars than many other great institutes in combined total. (3) The inhabitants of this university lives in the best biodiversity of the Earth. (4) They cultivate whatever crops or plant is required. Name Read more

Assam, The land of cultures, love and fun is incomplete without worth mentioning its reach heritage in its food style and several palatable cuisines that will excite your tongue and will make your taste buds crazy as you have those. Try those while you are at Assam. Few popular Dishes and cuisines are discussed below. (1)Maasor Tenga with bilahi:  This sumptuous delicacy from Assam is Fish curry with tomatoes. Well fried onion and spices that are added to it make it a one of a kind in its category.     (2) Koldil Paaro Mangsor Jalukia: It is a cuisine which is composed of banana flower and pigeon meat. Once you eat, you gonna remember it till your last breath.   Read more

Here We, The TM team welcomes you to the very facts of India and Why should you visit this beautiful country- India. I hope you find it more interesting than ‘Slum Dog Millionaire’ that you all know what India is about 😀 This post will introduce something more than that, I guess! (1)People and faiths: There are 29 states in this country and every land has its own kind of people that depicts their story.   (2) Varied Cultures and taste We have different festivals and different lifestyle to follow in India still we are one and called as ‘Indians’. This is what we have learnt ‘ Enekta ta mein Ekta’ (3) Our Science: You never believed right? Mars Mission, Discovery Read more

BOOK DETAILS Publisher Penguin Imprint Penguin Publication Year 2009 ISBN-13 9780143066569 ISBN-10 0143066560 Language English Edition 1st Edition Binding Paperback Number of Pages 288 Pages           (2) BOOK DETAILS Publisher Pan Macmillan India Publication Year 2009 ISBN-13 9780330458535 ISBN-10 0330458531 Language English Edition 1st Binding Paperback Number of Pages 384 Pages           (3) BOOK DETAILS Publisher Harper Collins Publishers India Imprint HarperCollins Publication Year 2010 ISBN-13 9788172238476 ISBN-10 8172238479 Language English Binding Paperback Number of Pages 328 Pages Awards The Man Booker Prize Winner Award Year 2008         (4) BOOK DETAILS Publisher Penguin Imprint PENGUIN Publication Year 2010 ISBN-13 9780140290479 ISBN-10 0140290478 Language English Edition 1st Edition Binding Paperback Read more