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Bolly-Holly Romantic Hits

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Bollywood 1. Bholi si surat>Di ltoh pagal hai. 2. Kaho toh esa geet gaoon>Yes boss 3. Tujhe dekha to yeh jana sanam>Dilwale Dulhaniya le jaenge 4. O jaananajaana>Jab pyarkisi se hotahai. 5. Jaatihu main >Karan Arjun 6. Dil toh khoya hai>Andolan 7. Dil hai ki manta nehi>Dilhaiki manta nehi 8.  Hum ko sirf tumse pyar hai>Barsat 9. Bahut pyar karte he tujhko sanam>Saajan 10. Ek sanam chahiye aashiqui ke liye>Aashiqui Hollywood 1. O Carol- Neil Sadake 2. Lady in Red-Chris de Burg 3. Nothing’s gonna change my mind- Gellen Medeiros 4. Wonderful tonight-  Chris de Burg 5. Every breath you take- Police 6. Am all out of love- Air supply 7. Because I love you- Shakin Stevens 8. Hello- Lionel Richie 9. I will follow him—little Peggy march 10. I only want to be with you- Dusty Springfield The list is compiled By: Devarshi Bhargav (BOLLYWOOD) and Read more

Suppose you want to present your valentine with most romantic gifts, then this list of bollywood songs would produce a vibes in the presentation. For the night of valentine, I am pretty sure you have decided or planned something for your valentine. So, while you invite her to the valentine night, start playing this playlist. This list is Bollywood’s all time hit and tagged romantic tracks; whenever it is heard. Believe me, as you present her some special gifts with soft wine of valentine with hugs of teddies that night, these songs gonna turned her mind more romantic. She will feel zenith of love is restored and you would have her utmost attention. Dude, try this out and stare at Read more

Why this Kolaver di-dhanush(singer):: Why This Kolaveri Di (Tamil: வொய் திஸ் கொலவெறி டி, Voy Tis Kolaveṟi Ṭi ?; English: Why This Murderous Rage, Girl?)It is the most heard Tamil song of the year for the entire nation from the soundtrack of the upcoming Tamil film ‘3’, which is due to be released in 2012.It was written and sung by actor Dhanush and  the song was composed by music director Anirudh Ravichander. Its instrumentation consists of nadaswaram, shehnai, saxophone, urumee and thavil drums, acoustic guitar and keyboards mixed with electronic synths and scratches and thus catch the heart of many and almost many countries.[/box_dark]     2.        Teri meri prem kahani- body guard(film)::      This song from Read more